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5 Ways Quality Earthmoving Equipment Can Improve On-Site Efficiency


Moving earth is a vital component of a range of jobs on the construction site. For this reason, it is a job that should be as safe, easy and time-efficient as possible for you and your team. We’ve taken a look at the ways quality earthmoving equipment can help improve progress and efficiency on your next project, so you spend less time preoccupied with minor tasks and more time dedicated to the tasks that are more important.

All machines have a use-by date

Cost is usually the number-one concern in regularly replacing earthmoving equipment. But, in practice, you’re probably wasting money by persisting with old equipment. Over time, and with use, machines become more expensive to repair and service, compared to new earthmoving equipment that would make those processes considerably cheaper. Purchasing new equipment, or dealing with a hire company that purchases new equipment frequently, will not only save you money in the long term, it will also save you time and make it easier to deliver results for your clients to the agreed upon deadlines.

5 reasons why updated equipment is important

Intuitive control

With advanced technology often comes enhanced ease-of-use. If you work with quality earthmoving equipment, you’ll find the adoption process to be much quicker as it takes far less time to learn how to navigate the machine and understand how it works. This will ensure you spend less time training new staff or contractors, and more time getting the job done.

Effective design

New designs often take into account the mistakes and lessons learnt from previous incarnations. Anything from a scoop that picks up twice as much earth in one go, to an arm that retracts quicker than previous models, modern, quality earthmoving equipment gives you access to a range of improvements in all aspects of the job.

Easy on-site communication

As anyone who’s mulled over complicated blueprints would agree, it can sometimes be difficult to ensure everyone’s on the same page on a construction site. The good news is, modern earthmoving equipment often has state-of-the-art computing elements incorporated into the design which make it easier than ever to communicate ideas and specifications on the construction site.

Enhanced reliability

It’s not just the advantage of improved efficiency that comes with up-to-date equipment, but also the sense of security afforded by equipment that you know will not let you down. By giving your site access to the most up-to-date equipment, you can be sure to deliver results for your clients that are effective, on time and consistent – without any unexpected hiccups. Quality equipment can go a long way in building your business a reputation of reliability and efficiency, which is crucial for success in the construction industry.

Improved site safety

Perhaps the most important benefit of using quality earth moving equipment is that it can enhance on-site safety. Workplace accidents can be crippling in terms of not only worker wellbeing and motivation, but also in meeting deadlines – they can hold the site’s progress up from anywhere between a couple of hours to a couple of days. The majority of accidents on a construction site are avoidable, and you can significantly reduce the likelihood of something terrible happening by employing the use of modern, safe and reliable earthmoving equipment.


Every project manager is looking to improve efficiency across the site. To do this properly, you need to invest in making sure you have up to date technology that can help processes run faster, smoother and more consistently. While it may seem like a lot of money, hiring up to date equipment in the long-term could save you money, and the benefits that come from investing in new technology will have you questioning how your site ever functioned without modern equipment in the first place.

At Solution Plant Hire, we have a wide range of earth moving equipment for sale and hire. All our equipment at Solution Plant Hire is in excellent condition, with a full service history. We have the latest, 100% compliant earthmoving equipment and attachments and – most importantly for those with the goal of efficiency – all the paperwork can be done for you, before the equipment arrives on site.

Contact us today, or give us a call on 1300 774 473, to upgrade your equipment for maximum on-site efficiency.

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14 thoughts on “5 Ways Quality Earthmoving Equipment Can Improve On-Site Efficiency”

  1. I agree that site safety is probably the most important benefit of using good equipment. However, many of these other benefits are really fascinating to me! I love that newer equipment has elements that help ideas be communicated between workers. That must be really helpful, especially when working on really large projects.

  2. I agree that better equipment means the job gets done more smoothly. However, one of your points was a little vague. When you are talking about newer equipment having better computing elements, do you mean that it just has better built-in two-way radios?

    1. Hi James, thanks for your comment. By this we were talking overall about new technologies developed – as new models come out they can improve upon previous technology from user feedback and general development in the industry. This could easily include two-way radio, built-in GPS, Pilot controls and many other features.

  3. Using up to date earthmoving equipment seems like an excellent way to help your project move along smoothly and quickly. Having equipment that is in good shape probably helps keep it from having problems while on the job. I’d imagine checking with a company you plan to hire on their equipment would be a good idea.

  4. In my experience at digging away earth for whatever reason may be, it is time consuming and hard on my back. I have since turned it over to earth moving companies. You mentioned that having updated equipment can make the job easier, which is what I know these companies have. They are also able to get the job done in a much quicker way than I could ever which speeds up the renovation process. If I was to renovate again, I’d be sure to have proper equipment which always make the job easier and more efficient.

  5. I agree that it’s good to invest in up to date technology. Current technology tends to be more efficient. I’ve heard that the type of equipment you use makes a difference.

  6. I appreciate that you mentioned new designs have been developed with mistakes from past incarnations in mind. To be honest, this makes me really interested in learning more about the history of these types of equipment, and how they have evolved over the years. It’s exciting to think about what new developments that will be made that can improve the efficiency of earthmoving.

  7. I appreciate you helping me learn more about the various benefits can come with using earthmoving equipment and how the effective the design is. I’m glad that you talked about how modern equipment take mistakes into account and incorporate those weaknesses into strengths in new designs. By taking the flaws of old designs and improving them to make it better, it creates good functioning equipment that work well at their job.

  8. I liked how you talked about modern earthmoving equipment’s state-of-the-art computers that help improve communication on the construction site. It seems like computers can help make sure that the day runs more smoothly. My own brother-in-law works in a construction zone that could use just this kind of thing.

  9. I agree that all machines have a used by date. I learnt that the hard way, spending a lot of money on maintenance and repairs on some old machines. When I finally made the decision to upgrade some, and hire other newer machines, it was a real eye opener. Not only am I saving time and money due to the reliability of the new equipment, the new machines are also completing jobs more effectively and efficiently. A win, win for sure.

  10. That is nice that earth moving equipment gives access to a range of improvements. That is something I would want to have if was working in contracting. Maybe it would be good for a contractor to rent some earthmoving equipment sometime.

  11. I really like how you said that quality earth-moving equipment enhances on-site safety. My brother works for a construction company that accepts contracts from the government and other private entities. It sounds like it might be a good idea for them to hire an earth moving contractor to help them out on future projects.

  12. We have a large amount of land that needs to be leveled so that we can build on it. I really appreciated your tip about checking the age of the vehicle to make sure that they are still operating smoothly and will not require expensive repairs. I will keep this in mind as we search to hire a service to help us move all that dirt.

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