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Different sizes for all your project needs

With a range of Site Dumpers in different sizes and for various purposes you can be sure that Solution Plant Hire has the equipment you need to help you complete your project on time


Hiring Site Dumpers

Improve your site efficiency with a site dumper from Solution Plant Hire. One of the most versatile earthmoving machines in the dry hire industry, the site dumper’s 180° swivel skip bin allows for precision backfilling and its articulation and oscillation will get you in and out of any tight spot on your job, no matter how wet the conditions.

Our entire range of site dumpers are fitted out with the latest safety equipment, guaranteeing 100% compliance. Solution Plant Hire is the only hire company in the market offering the Thwaites site dumper with low impact flotation tyres, designed for minimum ground disturbance on delicate surfaces. All our dumpers also feature certified ROPS/FOPS canopies and where relevant even air conditioned cabins.

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Why hire?

If you cannot be sure you will need a piece of equipment frequently, it makes sense to hire rather than buy. That way someone else puts up the big money, and takes care of all the maintenance and running costs – all you have to worry about is getting the job done.

At Solution Plant Hire, all of our dry hire equipment is state-of-the-art and fully maintained. To maximise efficiency, all the paperwork – including risk assessments, all documents, service records and inspection reports – is done for you before the equipment lands on the job site. This ensures a simple, cost-efficient and fully compliant dry hire experience.

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