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Attachments Range

View the entire range of excavator attachments available for both short & long term hire.

Our range includes Rock Saws, Auger Drivers, Hydraulic Magnets, Compaction Plates & more. Solution Plant Hire has the attachment you need to help you complete your project on time. Get a quick quote now.


Hiring Excavator Attachments

At Solution Plant Hire, we have a huge range of quality excavator attachments. From hydraulic breakers, augers, rippers, rock grabs and saws, to tilt and sieve buckets, compaction plates and wheels – we’ve got the lot, so you can do almost any job with the one piece of machinery.

Most importantly, with our revolutionary design adaptable head bracket, whatever kind of excavator you have, our attachments will suit it. Rather than changing the whole head plate, its simplistic design changes the pickup capabilities, making it easier to switch between machine types. So get the most out of your excavator (or ours) and check out the great range of attachments available for hire from Solution Plant Hire.

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Why Hire From Solution Plant Hire?

Why pay for something you’re only going to use occasionally or for a one-off job? Earthmoving equipment comes at earth-shattering prices, so it makes sense to hire rather than buy in most circumstances. Solution Plant Hire carries a huge range of the latest earthmoving machinery from excavators to loaders, compactors to dumpers and we deliver on-site at highly competitive rates.
We also take care of all maintenance and compliance and all the paper work’s done for you, so you can get straight to work. And because our equipment is regularly upgraded to the latest models, you get to use the latest technology to boost on-site productivity.

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