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Different Sizes For All Your Project Needs

With a range of excavators in different sizes you can be sure that Solution Plant Hire has the right equipment to help you complete your project on time.

  • 1.7T Excavators

    1.7t Excavators

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  • 3.5T Excavators

    3.5t Excavators

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  • 5.5T Excavators

    5.5t Excavators

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  • 8T Excavators

    8t Excavators

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  • 14.5 Excavators

    14.5t Excavators

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  • 14.5t Knuckle Boom Excavators

    14.5t Knuckle Boom Excavators

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  • 23.5T Excavators

    23.5T Excavators

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  • 30T Excavators

    30T Excavators

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  • 35T Excavators

    35T Excavators

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  • 48T Excavators

    48T Excavators

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Hiring excavators

With Solution Plant Hire’s wide range of excavators of different sizes and for various purposes you can rest easy knowing that we have the right equipment for you to complete your project on time and to budget.

Whether you need a 1.7 tonne excavator or 35 tonne mammoth earth mover, Solution Plant Hire will put your business in the best possible position to achieve your best outcomes, without breaking the bank.

We also have a range of attachments available to make the job easier, and for those smaller Excavators our trailer is available so you arrange to pick up your equipment.

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Why hire?

When you hire an excavator from Solution Plant Hire you’re getting equipment of the highest quality at a reasonable price.

Hiring an excavator from Solution Plant Hire provides you with a flexible solution to your earth moving needs. Purchasing equipment can be restrictive, particularly if you’re operating a business that works on a variety of different jobs for a series of different clients.

Solution Plant Hire maintains an unbeatable standard of excellence and allows you to get your hands on the right excavator for your job, without being locked into a piece of equipment you may really only use a few times, which could be too small or too big for future projects.

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