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What License do I Need to Operate a Site Dumper?

One of the best-kept secrets out there is just how beneficial it is to have a site dumper license. It’s a skill that is significantly in demand, because industries from mining through to construction and agriculture are all in constant need of properly qualified drivers. And because it’s in such high demand, dump truck operators …

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How to Become an Excavator Operator

As part of a broader category of plant machinery that includes backhoes, bulldozers, graders, scrapers, rollers and forklift trucks, excavator operators require a specific skill set and expertise to operate properly. It’s a health & safety requirement to make sure that on any worksite only a properly qualified person is operating the excavator. Find out …

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Case Study: 30T delivered in a hurry

Getting it done, when your regular supplier can’t. With construction still booming throughout Sydney, Canberra and Newcastle sometimes finding the right equipment for the job can be challenging. In this case the customer asked their usual equipment supplier to source a 30T Excavator for the job, but their supplier turned around and was unable to …

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