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What You Should Do Before Returning Your Dry Hire Equipment

Finished with your excavator and ready to return it to the hire company? Before you do, here’s a list of basic things to check to ensure it’s in the condition that you borrowed it in and that you won’t be charged any additional fees. Document pouch There is a document pouch on every machine (usually …

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What is hydro excavation?

Historically, excavation work was done by hand and then with the help of basic machines as they were invented and refined. Today we have the excavator, a powerful tool which makes earth removal much faster. But, with certain jobs, the excavator isn’t suitable. For situations such as these, there is hydro excavation. What is hydro …

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Tips On Excavator Selection And Safe Operation

In experienced hands, an excavator is a versatile tool that can make light work of a variety of earthmoving and construction jobs. But it can also be highly dangerous if used incorrectly. This guide looks at choosing the right excavator for the job, and how to safely operate it in a range of different work …

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