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Different sizes for all your project needs

With our range of Watercarts in different sizes and for various purposes, you can be sure that Solution Plant Hire has the equipment you need to help you complete your project on time


Hiring Watercarts

Our range of Watercarts allows you to meet site dust control and other onsite requirements. With all the features you will need to improve wetting, cleaning and dust control performance, as well as reduce water wastage. Solution Plant Hire can provide you with a full range of Watercarts, from 5,000L to 15,000L. Because you’re hiring not buying, you can get the Watercart to meet your needs without the added costs.

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Why Hire From Solution Plant Hire?

Buying earthmoving equipment can be expensive so if you’re unsure of how often your equipment will be used, hiring rather than buying makes good business sense. When you dry hire from Solution Plant Hire, we take care of all the running costs including service, maintenance, upgrades and compliance matters, so all you need to do is use the machine to get the job done.

We take care of all the paperwork before we deliver your equipment on-site, including all documents, risk assessments, inspection reports and service records, so you’re fully compliant for whatever kind of site you’ll be operating on. Most importantly, we have a team of experts standing by 24/7 to provide support and assistance if you need it.

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