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5 Most Important Skills for Construction in 2020

2020 represents the start of a new year and a new decade in Aussie construction. We’re entering into an era of great opportunity, where advances across the board will provide a way for us to do business better. It’s definitely an exciting journey ahead as we progress through the calendar, but that’s not to say it will be without its challenges.

Moving into next year, it will be important to develop new skills as well as enhance existing ones. Let’s take a look at 5 of the most important skills for construction in 2020.

1. Management

The way in which we live and work in Australia is rapidly changing year by year. This also applies to the Aussie construction industry as it means projects are becoming more complex and there’s a need for a greater variety of personnel. As a result, being able to effectively manage a job site has become more difficult. That’s why possessing excellent management skills will be even more crucial to construction in 2020 in order to get the job done right.

2. Flexibility

As the complexity of our job sites grows, there will be a greater need than ever before to be able to shift away from traditional roles. Even if you’ve climbed up the career ladder, staying atop of current practices and keeping your certifications valid is always wise. If there’s an unexpected shortage of staff or unforeseen delay on a job, your ability to roll up your sleeves and step in could prevent the project or work from stopping, a blowout to the budget, and/or a setback to crucial deadlines.

3. Tech Knowledge

Tech skills are becoming increasingly important on the job site. Having them will be a key part of being able to keep working in construction as we look to the end of this decade and what will drive Australia to keep humming around solid economic growth like the 1.4% a year we’re doing now.

Setting aside some time to get up to speed on some of the latest tech trends and other aspects that are influencing the Aussie construction industry can be time well spent. You may even find that it sparks a new interest and opens up a new door for your career goals in construction.

4. Eco-adaptability

Nowadays there’s a massive push underway for sustainable structures made with green materials. If you’ve got some solid prior knowledge in this space, your value to clients, projects, and colleagues will keep growing as demand eco-friendly construction increases.

A reality of modern construction is that if you’re caught out being ‘ungreen’, you run the risk of experiencing some unfortunate repercussions. Even something as simple as putting non-recyclable rubbish in the wrong bin could land you in hot water going forward. Knowing how to wade through the new expectations about work in this environment is going to be a key skill heading into 2020.

5. Social Skills

Nobody is suggesting that if you’re happiest swinging a hammer or operating an excavator that you need to drop your tools and start working your way around the cocktail set on a Friday night. But the reality is that not only are construction jobs becoming more complex but our job sites more diverse with people from all walks of life.

Knowing how to make a connection, get on the same page with a coworker, and sort a plan together quickly to drive on with the work can make a massive difference in terms of how fast and efficiently a project is completed. Best of all, it can also help gain you a couple of new mates for every new job site you step on!

Building Brick by Brick

The 5 skills we’ve discussed are foundations for the future of construction heading into 2020. Mastering them will provide you with a terrific toolkit that will be a big benefit to your career and to your team around you.

At the end of the day, one of the best things about working in construction is the variety of work and the skills and experience you can pick up along the way. There’s never been a more exciting time to work in Aussie construction. Brush up on your skills and be sure to have some fun along the journey!

Think we missed any essential skills for construction in 2020? Let us know in the comments below.

Image: Solution Plant Hire

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