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Wrapping up National Safe Work Month

National Work Safe Month

188 Workers were killed in 2014, of these 94% were male.

October has been National Safe Work Month! This initiative by Safe Work Australia has focused on safety in your workplace to reduce death, injury & disease. This year the theme was Be safe. Be healthy. Because….

Over the past four weeks we have spoken about all four themes which we hope will resinate with you throughout your working life;

Be safe. Be healthy. Because your actions can support physical and mental health at work
Be safe. Be healthy. Because your family/friends/pets are waiting to welcome you home
Be safe. Be healthy. Because there’s so much more to look forward to
Be safe. Be healthy. Because it makes good business sense

The health and safety of your colleagues should come first. At Solution we take that one step further and take the safety of anyone who hires one of our Rollers, Excavators, Attachments or Dumpers very seriously.

Visit the official National Safe Work website.

Today marks the official end of National Safe Work Month, but that doesn’t mean the end of putting safety in the spotlight at your workplace; how will you continue to promote a safe work environment for you and your colleagues?

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