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Why Being Eco-Friendly Can Help Boost Your Construction Business


Are you looking for ways to expand your business and sales? You may want to consider going green. Being an environmentally friendly (or eco-friendly) can ultimately work in your favour and boost the reputation of your business, helping to drive sales and attract additional clients.

But how does showing clients that you’re environmentally conscious help gain business? Here, we explain why going green is a great option for your company.

Gain more opportunities

According to latest trends, the demand for sustainable building projects has been on the rise and is likely to continue for years to come. Many clients and businesses are trying to find ways to reduce their impact on the planet, and this effort extends to their construction and expansion projects. If your construction business utilises green practises, this can only lead to an increase in your client base as more people opt for eco-friendly choices.

Get bigger construction budgets

Environmentally friendly building projects often cost more than traditional building models and methods. But people are increasingly opting for the more expensive option. Why? While upfront costs may be more expensive, over the years consumers will often save a lot of money by using eco-friendly options, such as solar panels. Additionally, a lot of the time power and water costs are significantly reduced when buildings are constructed in an eco-friendly manner. Clients can appreciate these long-term benefits, and are willing to pay more now and save later.

Attract more remodelling projects

Green options in construction aren’t limited to brand new projects. In fact, remodelling and expansion projects for existing homes are on the rise. Homeowners are often looking for ways to increase their assets without buying a larger home, and so they choose to remodel or expand. If you can provide eco-friendly solutions or help them save energy costs in the future, you are much more likely to attract new clients.

Stand out from the crowd

There are numerous construction firms across Australia, and so often it can be hard to stand out in the market. A great way to get ahead in the game is to go green and highlight this in your marketing campaign. Because many people are looking for sustainable solutions in construction, you may find that you are higher on their list of choices if you utilise green options.

You can become part of the Green Star Project

In 2003, the Green Building Council (GBC) established the Green Star Project which recognises eco-friendly construction businesses. This is an internationally recognised sustainability rating that helps other business and consumers to identify who is working sustainability. To get the Green Star of approval you need to be certified by the GBC. On average, projects with a Green Star rating will produce 62% less greenhouse gas emissions than an average construction project. What a great thing to tell potential clients!

Safer homes

Eco-friendly homes are a safer and healthier option for people to live in. Green materials are often less hazardous than many standard, traditional building materials. Furthermore, there are often less implications with potential hazards and fumes when building, or when renovating or expanding in the future. Eco-friendly homes are also often kinder to allergy sufferers as they contain less chemicals than standard materials.

Build buildings designed to suit Australian conditions

The Australian climate can be harsh. Whether it’s the extreme heat of summer or the icy bite of our winter months, there’s no doubt that Australian weather can be ruthless and unpredictable. Because of this, many Australian researchers and builders have looked for ways to build homes and other buildings that can better withstand the harsh Australian elements. Many ‘green’ materials and building solutions have been designed to withstand large amounts of rainfall, cold temperatures, extreme heat and strong winds, making them a favourable choice for Australian consumers.

Protecting the environment

As well as increasing your client base and business, you of course will also be helping protect the environment. Many aspects of traditional building methods and material production can harm or damage the environment, so why not jump onboard, become eco-friendly, and know you’re doing your part to protect our natural world.

It shows you care

If you work on creating and promoting greener business practices, it shows everyone that you care. This care you have for the environment is then reflected on all other aspects of your business, as clients will assume that you show the same level of dedication, concern and consciousness there as well.

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