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Case Study: Last Minute Water Rush

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Often job site situations change, operators let you down, equipment might break down, the job requirements change due to unforeseen circumstances – it is in these times when your whole project is moments away from costly or even lengthy delays that you need a supplier who you can rely on.

The Challenge:

In this case study one of our customer’s got in touch with his dedicated account manager Brodie (one of our reps based out of Sydney) late into the evening after one of their wet hire suppliers had let them down, this customer needed a Watercart onsite the next morning by 7am. Being a high profile jobsite the whole site was in jeopardy of being shut down if our customer couldn’t get a Watercart on site to meet the dust control measures. The Watercart would need to meet all safety requirements and specifications to get onto the site by 7am the next morning.

The Solution:

Jumping into gear to discover our equipment availability Brodie was able to secure a machine, then through the use of the latest systems he was able to determine whether that Watercart would in fact meet the safety standards and specifications required onsite. The last thing the customer needed was to discover the machine was not up to site standard when trying to get it on site the following morning. Being a Solution Plant Hire machine it did have all the safety specs.

Delivering the Solution

With some great assistance from our transport providers Brodie was able to get the Watercart delivered to the site on time for the 7am start! Needless to say the customer was very pleased with the level of service they received and at such late notice.

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