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Case Study: Un-rivalled quality Australia Wide

Wherever you are, we’re there with you.

Some of our customers work all around the country, and we in turn try to be wherever they need us to be! Being based in Sydney and Newcastle does not prevent us from shipping our gear to our customers throughout Australia. In this Case Study we explore how we helped a customer with their interstate expansion, with our quality equipment and support.

The Challenge:

In this instance, our customer who was expanding into the Queensland market won a last minute job and with the urgency of the job they enlisted the help of a local supplier. However shortly after the equipment was delivered to site it was realised that the quality and the specs weren’t up to the standard delivered by Solution Plant Hire.

It was then our customer got in contact with Nick, from our Sydney office, who takes care of them, and asked for an urgent delivery to be made to Bundaberg. They required several machines and attachments; 1 x straight arm 14.5T excavator and 1 x 14.5T knuckle boom excavator with 2 x compaction wheels and a hammer that could fit both machines.

The Solution:

Nick jumped into action straight away; knowing that this required urgent attention and the equipment was required immediately, he was also mindful that by road, Bundaberg is over 14 hours away.  Thankfully, we had machines in our yard, after checking the hours they both were nearing their due services. Because of the distance and the tenure of hire it was decided to service both machines before they left branch to ensure they had no further interruptions to their project.

The late notice meant that every moment was crucial, Nick began arranging equipment, servicing and transport as soon as the call came in on Wednesday. Nick also had to arrange the purchase and delivery of a compaction wheel for the hire, thankfully this was also in stock and was delivered to the yard that day. With his knowledge of the equipment Nick knew that the hammer would not be an issue and would fit both machines, as they share the same hitch.

Without a branch in Queensland it was important to guarantee service onsite for our customer, Nick was quick to contact a local plant mechanic to manage the service and maintenance while the equipment was onsite.

Delivering the Solution

Once all the equipment was taken care of it was time to arrange getting the gear onsite as quickly as possible and at a reasonable rate. Nick jumped onto the Gear Shift website and by Thursday afternoon transport had been arranged for the following morning. The equipment was due to reach the customer by 7am the following Monday.

The customer was incredibly impressed with the turnaround time and the level of detail Nick went to in order to get gear to them. Not only was this a win for the customer, it was very satisfying for Nick as well.

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