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Stop! Don’t Hire a Posi Track Loader Until You Read This Guide

Finding the right tool for the job is important. Finding the right tool when you’re paying for it by the day is essential to bringing a project in on budget. Before you spend significant money hiring a skidsteer or posi track loader, take a look through this guide to ensure you get the right equipment to complete your job safely, on time and under budget.

The essential questions

To get an understanding of what equipment you really need, start by asking yourself some basic questions.

Firstly, are you going to be dry or wet hiring? Essentially, if you have an operator, fuel, and additional lubrication ready to go, then you’ll be able to save a significant portion of the overall cost by dry hiring. You will, however, incur the burden of ensuring the operator is fully competent and safety compliant.

Dry hiring is a safe bet for firms looking to hire specialised equipment for one-off jobs, or who determine it’s more cost efficient to rent equipment, but who have staff with the qualifications to run it. If you decide to wet hire, a lot of these additional worries will be taken care of by the hire company.

Next, analyse the scope of the job and exactly what work needs to be done. Moving bulk earth is a different job to delicate landscaping or shifting heavy debris such as pipes or large rocks. Your choice of equipment will depend on the specific nature of the job.

When you know exactly what needs to be done, you can estimate how much power you will need. A higher calibre job may need a higher horsepower engine. When you’re being charged by the hour, having enough power to get the job done quickly (without compromising safety) is crucial.

Finally, consider the timeframe you’ll need. It’s a good idea to estimate a ‘bad’ scenario (which is not as bad as a ‘worst case’ scenario, but definitely less than ideal) then add a day or two. It’s always better to have equipment for an extra day, rather than losing it when there’s still work to be done.

What to look for when hiring a Posi Track Loader


Australia has some of the most stringent and reliable safety laws in the world. These laws apply to all equipment and certification on almost every level of a jobsite. Getting a rickety old machine at a discount price won’t just run the risk doing a bad job, it can leave you liable for damages or injuries sustained through use.

All Solution Plant Hire equipment is compliant with Australian law. We also hire out additional compliancy equipment for anybody that doesn’t have the necessary safety mechanisms in place.


One of the main advantages of Posi Track Loaders is their adaptability. Through attachments, they can be customised to suit almost any construction job.

It’s a good idea to look for plant hire services that offer attachments and customisation options. If you have a specific task that can’t be accomplished with a standard model, specialist equipment is going to be your best bet for getting the job done.

Excavators come in a wide variety of models suited for both generic and specific tasks. While there’s plenty of room for adaptability through attachments, there’s also a wider model range. To save time and money, it’s a good idea to get advice on exactly what equipment you need, and pick a model that’s suited to the job right off the batt.

Solution Plant Hire has a huge variety of Posi Loader attachments for hire, including Spreader Bars, Brooms, Pallet Forks, Harley Rakes, Trenchers, and Grapple Buckets and we have plenty of options for excavators too.


Equipment hire can be costly (though obviously less costly than purchasing outright), so it’s important to ensure that all the costs are disclosed upfront to avoid being surprised by expensive ‘extras’ along the way.

When you get an initial quote, ask if there are any additional costs you will be expected to incur. Will you be required to provide fuel or lubricant, personal safety equipment or a driver? Is this reflected fairly in the price? Asking for transparency upfront will ensure you can budget accordingly.

Get a quote today

Solution Plant Hire offers 65, 80, and 95HP Posi Track hire options, as well as excavators ranging from 1.7T to 30T (including 14.5T Knuckle Booms). No matter the job or the jobsite, we’ll work with you to find the solution.

We provide 48 hour turnarounds and personalised customer service to walk you through every step. On top of this, we have a 247 support service for problems that arise on the job – anytime of the day or night.

If you’re unsure what model you need, or if you’re looking to get a quote for your next project, give us a call on 1800 890 184, or sign up for our newsletter at newsletters@solutionplanthire.com.au.

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