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Super charge your Posi Track Loader hire with a levelling bar!

2P5A0526 (1)Posi Track Loaders are an extremely versatile piece of equipment, especially if you have the right attachment for the job. There is a range of attachments for the Posi Track Loaders which can be used to improve productivity on the worksite. The levelling bar (or spreader bar) is one of these attachments, as is suggested by its name, is perfect on sites where you need to level the ground without using compaction equipment, or prior to any compaction work.

What is a Posi Track Loader levelling bar and why do I need one?

If your next job involves levelling and distributing soil, sand and other similar materials then the levelling bar could be for you. Because of its attachment to Posi Track Loaders the levelling Bar is ideal for landscaping purposes and other niche jobs because of the Loaders manoeuvrability.

As it fits on all the various Posi Track Loader sizes Solution Plant Hire has to offer you can use this particular attachment whatever the size of your next project!

How does a Posi Track Loader levelling bar work?

The bars, which are spread apart, making square cut-outs, allow the posi track to move across soil and other various material, pushing any excess which is sitting above level to other areas which are sitting beneath the level ground. Without the square cut-outs in its design this would not be possible, as the soil would be unable to be collected without disturbing what is already level ground.

Why Posi Track Loader Hire?

Posi Track Loaders are great for many different applications, being compact they are able to access many hard to reach places an excavator or other type of equipment might be unable too.

For more information on either the levelling bar attachment, posi track loaders, or general posi track hire, our sales representatives will be able to answer your enquiries contact them today on 1300 SP HIRE (1300 77 44 73)

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