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Keep safe while using an Excavator


Work safe Australia reported in 2014 34% of workers who died were machinery operators and drivers. That is a statistic which together we can all hope to lower and eradicate all together.

Here are some of the top tips to make sure you keep safe while using an Excavator.

Scope out the area

Before starting any excavation work, regardless of the size of the job, whether it be landscaping on a residential property or laying the tracks for the next major railway, it is important that a thorough site inspection and risk assessment is carried out. By highlighting potential areas of risk, you can better identify how to mitigate these and make sure all work can be carried out safely and be completed within the set time frame.

By completing these steps prior to work commencing you can also be sure that the correct equipment has been hired for the job.

Secure the area

Once the area for the work to be carried out has been selected, it is important to mark out this area so that all those on the worksite know not to walk into the excavation zone.

This isn’t just important while work is carried out, but also if the work is to last days this ensures no other workers onsite walk into the area, where there could be lose ground or other dangerous conditions.

Watch your step

All excavation work will cause disruption to the ground, as a result you need to always watch your step when walking on an excavation site. Over turned rocks and other debris could easily be a tripping hazard.

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