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Is the Remote Trench Roller the right equipment for your next project

Trench Roller

Whether you’re a Plumber a Pipe Layer or simply have a project which needs compaction work in a trench or tricky location, the Remote Trench Roller could be the solution for you.

Solution Plant Hire is fortunate enough to have one of these Rollers, specially designed to compact backfill for trenches, within our fleet ready for hire!

Remote trench roller and trench compaction safety

Safer than other handheld rollers the Remote Trench Roller allows the operator to stand away from the equipment while it works, keeping themselves out of the hazardous area, unlike other hand-held style rollers which feature a “hands-on??? operator approach.
The models within the SPH fleet feature an “automatic shutdown??? safety feature which stops the moving and vibrating of the machine should the line-of-sight be lost, or if an operator comes within one meter of the roller’s receiving eyes with the control box.

At SPH operator and onsite safety is a key focus when we purchase any equipment for our fleet.

Remote trench roller and efficiency

Unlike other handheld options the remote trench roller is designed to get the job quickly and efficiently and can be operated within deeper and tighter spaces. Even with the remote functionality this equipment is known for its reliability.

At SPH we understand that your project is unique, and that you need to complete on time, on budget and safely. This is why our helpful Sales Team will always help you choose the right equipment to get the job done.

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