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Whether you’re at work, netflix and chilling or going out with the boys, whether you admit it or not what you wear on the outside impacts how you feel about yourself. Being confident puts you in a good mood, shows you have initiative, improves the presentation of your company, and you will impress some ladies along the way!

If you always look sharp when you’re out with the boys - there’s no excuse to loosen your appearance standards when your on site. You can look top notch while still feeling comfortable and adhering to all safety standards.

Looking for that head turning, comfortable and compliant workwear? Take a look at our guide and see all the clothing options you have while on site - you may be able to incorporate these if you do have to wear a set uniform, or convince the boss to step-up the onsite fashion in your workplace!


You’re probably used to wearing standard construction attire that ticks the safety boxes, but unfortunately it lacks in style and doesn’t help you stand out from your colleagues with the women - or even stand out from the competition!

Luckily for you industrial workwear has come along way, and you can now choose protective garments accepted by workplace safety standards which are comfortable and will help you stand out from your workmates or the competition as you go about your work day.

Check out the essentials every guy on site should have.

1. The Tee

Many high vis t-shirts have a cuff on their sleeves - this can be uncomfortable or irritating, especially when you're constantly moving your arms throughout the day. For better mobility and freer movement consider a high-vis without the cuffs.

Great at the pub after work also, free up your arms for lifting your beer - sometimes the most important lifting you will do all day!

This tee can be found at


2. The Coverall

You aren’t limited to a shirt and pants combo - consider a pair of coveralls. Every lady loves a guy in Coveralls - not only will you look great, they’re safe and give off a very “handy-man” vibe.

They’re available in long sleeve or sleeveless styles (for those hot days outside or to show off the bulging biceps), and are also available with or without 3M reflective tape, so you can choose the style best suited to the type of work you’re performing.

These coveralls can be found at

DNC Workwear

3. The Hoodie

There’s no need to freeze on site. Stay warm in these sporty hoodies that are perfectly suited to the workplace and ensure you stay visible when on the ground. They’re highly versatile and provide great comfort and warmth. Pullover and full zip front styles are all available, and can also be purchased with 3M reflective tape if required.

Stay warm with these great hoodies from

DNC Workwear

4. The Polo

For a comfy, professional, year-round look you can’t go past the polo’s from OnlineWorkwear.com.au. Spice it up and go for a polo with a wave or ocean stylings that complement their high vis capabilities. Keeping you visible while on site, and also tricking people into thinking you could be cricket's biggest fan! Available in multiple colours and styles, you can give your work look a quick update and impress clients (and the ladies in the office) from the word ‘go’.

5. The Pants

Why put your ass-et in the same old classic blue pants as every other tradie? There are various colours now available in workwear, so you can personalise your work look. Not only are they flattering for the sexy physique of a tradie, they’re also built to compliment the outdoor man, who is always doing something physical. With built-in reinforcements, knee pads and extra pockets, you can work better and have essentials on you at all times. You don’t want your phone to far away when you need to post your “i’m busy working” selfie to Instagram! They’re both comfortable and look the part - what more could you want?

These pants can be purchased from Aussie Disposals in black, khaki and camo.

Special edition construction wear

Dress well and support charity

Support the women in your life and a great cause while you’re out and about on site. The National Breast Cancer Foundation have started a campaign - “Real Men Wear Pink”.

When working on site you can take part in the campaign, all whilst staying safe and adhering to worksite requirements. Wear a pink high vis shirt with reflective tape to work and help raise awareness for breast cancer.

Get yourself into a pink high vis shirt and help raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. These shirts can be purchased from Bisley Workwear.

Custom items

If your employer allows it (or you are the boss), and you really want to liven up your work gear to show off that unique personality of yours, you can’t go past customised workwear.

Showing support for your favourite sports team* or your love for V8 Supercars - you can now do so whilst at work. There are options to add embellishments (attract the women with some bling) or simply embroidered logos to your workwear to show off your brand! Spark conversations with others on site and let everyone know who you support with statement workwear**. If it’s the State of Origin you love, purchase a Queensland or New South Wales shirt or hat***. Your favourite sports team can be featured on your shirt, vest or pants. Even your hardhat and protective eyewear can be customised with your favourite sports team logo.

These custom items can be obtained from

Work N Play Clothing

*Solution Plant Hire take no responsibility if you lose business over a poor team choice
**Once again we reiterate that Solution Plant Hire take no responsibility for any tormenting which may occur from your personal team choice
***If you are a New South Welshman living in QLD Solution Plant Hire recommends not doing this, and vice versa


Complete your look, right down to your trunks, and keep the boys safe! Tradie underwear is seriously comfortable and durable, and is suitable for year-round wear. With a range of styles, you’ll be able to find a pair of tradie trunks that’ll quickly become wardrobe favourites.

Tradies get the ladies!

Tradie briefs/trunks can be found at



Work boots need to be comfortable, able to withstand hard days on your feet, adhere to workplace safety standards and keep your feet warm and dry all day, everyday. They also need to look professional, especially if you’re speaking to clients day in, day out.

Every tradie needs a good quality boot, and steel toe caps are a must as a safety requirement. For true comfort when on site, opt for elastic-sided safety boots to prevent blisters on your ankle bones. You’ll never want to wear anything else! Available from workwearhub.

For the days when you find yourself in and out of client meetings and the workload is mostly off site, go for the all-Leather executive lace ups. These are perfect for anyone wanting to give off a more professional impression, have reinforced toes, and will keep your feet protected at all times. Available from Hip Pocket Workwear.

Looking for something akin to your favourite pair of joggers? Buy safety boots that have lace up detailing, a sporty sole and outlook, but also provide solid protection. With added flexibility, these are shoes provide ultimate comfort. They can also come with added features such as heat and chemical resistance, so you know they’re a safe option.

These sports style shoes can be found at Hip Pocket Workwear


The way you look and present yourself to those at work shouldn’t start and finish with your clothing - the way you groom yourself is also of very high importance. But when you’re working hard and using your hands all day, it’s easy to forget about keeping the basics in check - ladies may love a man who works his hands, but she still wants that smooth touch. Here’s our tips on keeping yourself looking schmick and feeling on-top.


Working in construction or trade involves a lot of activities that’ll get your hands roughed up and dirty. So you need to look after them.

If you work directly with clients keeping them in tip-top shape is incredibly important, as how much you care about your presentation will reflect on your attitude and care for your work. Follow these tips:

  • Get yourself a quality antibacterial soap that can get rid of tough dirt and grime
  • Or if you’re in contact with oily substances find a soap that can get rid of this build up and moisturise dry hands.
  • Grab a good nailbrush to get rid of the dirt under your nails. Clean nails look better and will help you avoid infections
  • After a thorough scrub invest in an industrial hand cream high in moisturising properties.


If you’re working on your feet all day, you need to look after them. It doesn’t take much, and can be as simple as using some moisturiser in the evenings after a shower or bath. Try a peppermint oil-based cream. Not only does it smell great, peppermint is also a great oil to use on sore and tired feet to keep them pain free.

If you are feeling really brave, ask the missus for a foot massage at the end of a long day.

Facial hair

Being clean shaven used to be the most common and acceptable form of facial hair in most industries. These days however designer stubble and the beard are becoming more common. If you do have some form of facial hair - keep it tidy! You can purchase beard trimmers to keep your stubble or beard at the perfect length.


On a very serious healthy and safety note when working outdoors you can’t forget to look after your skin. You may think a long sleeved shirt is enough to keep you skin safe from the sun’s harmful rays. Although this helps, you’ll also want to buy a sunscreen to protect your skin. This should be used on any part of your body that’s exposed to sunlight such as the face, arms and legs. You don’t need to spend a fortune on sunscreen, just make sure it’s high in SPF.

Whatever your trade, it’s important to stay safe at work and follow the guidelines set out for you. If you want to work in superior comfort, adhere to safety standards, up stage your workmates, and impress the clients, (or the ladies) follow our tips on dressing sharply in the workplace.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect work outfit and made sure your worksite adheres to all safety measures, you’re going to need some quality earth moving gear.

Solution Plant Hire stocks earthmoving equipment and attachments which not only complies with all Australian safety standards at a competitive price, it is reliable and looks unrivaled on site.

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