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Finding the solution

Not Your Average Excavator Required

Your average Excavator may not feature everything you need to complete a specific project, and may not even meet the safety requirements of the jobsite. This is when you may require a supplier who has a range of excavators offering a wider range of different features.

The Challenge:

In this instance our customer required an Excavator for a job with Rubber Pads, Zero Swing and Height and Slew. With the current development boom in Sydney and the high demand and short supply of Earthmoving equipment at this point in time all equipment across NSW and even into the surrounding states couldn’t offer this exact machine. Our sales representative Aaron started seeking a solution outside the box for his customer.

The Solution:

Based on the demand for this machine and the lack of stock, after searching far and wide for the equipment for the customer and having little to no luck it was decided that we would purchase and spec up a new machine to meet our customer’s needs. In the meantime they were able to get by with a 14T Excavator so Aaron arranged to get one onsite ASAP to tide them over.

Delivering the Solution

The order was placed for the new equipment and a delivery date for the new equipment with all the specifications was locked in. In order to deliver the new machine traffic control would be required onsite. To add value to our customer Aaron was also able to arrange this for them as well.

Needless to say our customer was incredibly pleased with Aaron and the equipment. “Solution Plant Hire always meets our demands even with the short notice we give them. Aaron is always contactable and their machines are always in great condition.”

For Solutions to your unique job requirements contact the Solution Plant Hire team on 1300 SP HIRE (1300 77 44 73) or contact us through our website.

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