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Excavator Attachments The Ripper

Ripper Attachment

The Ripper attachment will become a favourite if you are continually working around embedded root systems or hidden stumps. Designed specifically to make your life easier when using an Excavator in conditions with hard to move roots or ground, this attachment could be what you need on your next site.

What is the Ripper best used for?

The ripper, as per its name, is best used to rip through stubborn, tough and hard packed ground and roots. In cooler climates the ripper is even used to break up icy ground.

How does the Ripper work?

The tooth of the ripper doesn’t just drag the surface, with its single point and angled design the ripper shape provides a better way to break through, and into the ground. Promoting the efficient ripping of materials, which results in deeper rips without the load on the machine.

Once the ground is loosened, you can simply replace the ripper attachment with the desired bucket, or preferred attachment to get the job done!

Solution Plant Hire offer a Ripper attachment to fit ANY Excavator make, with our adaptable head bracket. For more detail speak to one of our representatives today.

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