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Excavator Attachments Rock Grabs

Rock Grabs

It is said that Hydraulic Rock Grabs are one of the more versatile of the excavator attachments available. Unlike the name suggests the Rock Grabs can be used to move many different materials, not just rocks.

How does a Rock Grab work?

Rocks Grabs work by using hydraulics through the machines auxiliary hydraulic circuit which then powers the claws to open and close, clamping around the object, allowing it to safely grip the object to be moved.

What are Rocks Grabs best used for?

Rock Grabs are traditionally used in construction for small to medium sized jobs, but with the larger Rock Grabs and Excavator they can be used on larger jobs as well. Often they’re used in the construction of rock walls and stone laying in landscaping, water breaks, moving trees or shrubs and even sometimes digging.

Rock grabs can often be used for demolition work including moving debris, recycling, handling of tyres, mining and quarry work.

Worried our attachments won’t fit your equipment?

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