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Excavator Attachment Hire: The Erkat Twin Head or Transverse Drum Cutter.



Continuing in our series of blogs which are designed to bring more information to you regarding the use of Excavator Attachments, here is the next instalment in which we will introduce you to the Erkat Twin Head or Transverse Drum Cutter.

Hiring an Attachment with your next Excavator hire could take your productivity onsite to that next level.

What is an Erkat Twin Head and why do I need one?

The Erkat Twin Head has been designed as an alternative to the traditional methods used for trenching, tunnelling, foundation, demolition and soil mixing with an Excavator. The Erkat Twin Heads design takes into account how this work can be completed when noise and vibration restrictions are a consideration.

How does a Tilt Bucket work?

Designed as an alternative to a rock (hydraulic) breaker, drills or even blasting; the Erkat Twin Head is designed with two rotary drum cutters either side of the attachment head, which use a cutting motion to get through rock and other material.

Because of the way in which they cut materials, drum cutters are able to create more accurate excavations and even create a smooth surface.

The waste material from the excavation is very often fine enough that it can be used as backfill without the need for crushing, which saves time and money.

The attachment features adaptable hydraulic motors with powerful torque; robust spur gears and heavy duty fasteners which guarantee the secure fitting of the cutter heads, giving you the confidence that this attachment will be both reliable and productive.

Why a Solution Plant Hire Excavator?

At Solution Plant Hire, we aim to build positive, long-term relationships with every one of our clients. Our goal is to become your go-to provider of modern, reliable and user-friendly earthmoving equipment and attachments. We also have a full support team available 24/7, who will do whatever it takes to help you get the job done.

If you’re looking for the right excavator and attachments to help enhance on-site performance, Solution Plant Hire has everything you need to boost efficiency and increase productivity onsite and off. Contact us today, or call us on 13000 77 44 73 to discuss your next excavator or attachment hire.


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