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Earthmoving Equipment Hire meets digital disruption


In the majority of industries worldwide there has been a significant shift in the way in which suppliers and consumers do business and the communication channels available, due to what is described as the “Digital Disruption???. With the addition of portable technology and the ability to make purchases and decisions at our finger tips 24/7, the traditional 9-5 purchasing habits have been replaced by the “always open,??? online shop front consumer model.

Civil Construction and Digital Disruption where is the industry heading?

So with a new generation of site foremen, procurement officers and other key decision makers now working in the industry (and often in senior positions) who have grown up with technology and have the 24/7 frame of mind, looking for Earthmoving Equipment hire, how is the industry changing to support these new consumer stereotypes?

Technology and Earthmoving

It has always been said that in comparison to the majority of other industries, the broader construction industry has been slow in adapting to the changing technological landscape. However the past few years has seen the industry; key suppliers and larger organisations embracing the digital disruption. As a result new ways of doing business are becoming the “norm??? and there are lots of new and exciting ideas and innovations flowing through, allowing for safer practices and more efficient ways of doing things.

The onsite workforce is now armed with the latest technology, which has assisted with both onsite decision making and purchases and even centralised purchases, with communication from the worksite to a “head office??? now more than ever considered a clear communication channel and an efficient way for organisations to collaborate and get projects completed.

Setting expectations

Technology has set an expectation that things can be done faster, for example online shopping sites which deliver your parcel within 3 hours of ordering. It is important to remember that you need to have realistic timeframes and expectations as a consumer and as a supplier.

One of the key elements to any project, is planning and for those who chose embrace it, technology has many platforms to improve your planning. This allows you to lock in equipment needed on site earlier, like excavators and attachments, rollers or dumpers.

The “Always on??? generation

Although Technology has opened doors for businesses to be more efficient and achieve project goals on time and on budget, it is important to remember that employees do need to switch off, even if the internet doesn’t.

It is easy for the new generation of “always on??? employees to get caught up being available and online, and not switching off, which can lead to mental health problems if a healthy work life balance is not achieved.

It is important to be sure to set realistic expectations of how your online store front will be managed after hours.

Easy doing business with you

At Solution Plant Hire, we aim to build positive, long-term relationships with every one of our clients. Our goal is to become your go-to provider of modern, reliable and user-friendly earthmoving equipment hire and attachment hire. We also have a full support team available 24/7, who will do whatever it takes to help you get the job done.

If you’re looking for the right excavator hire and attachments to help enhance on-site performance, Solution Plant Hire has everything you need to boost efficiency and increase productivity onsite and off. Contact us today, or call us on 13000 77 44 73 to discuss your next excavator or attachment hire.





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