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Dont forget your Hammer attachment on your next Excavator Hire


A Hydraulic Breaker (or Hammer) is a powerful attachment which produces stable high-speed percussion designed to demolish and break up concrete structures or rocks, maximising your Excavator Hire with the right attachment to get the job done safer and quicker.

What is the hammer best used for?

The Hammer (Or Hydraulic Breaker) is most commonly used for breaking through rock or previous concrete structures, excavating projects, demolition and they have also been used in tunnelling and trenching.

There are different sizes of Hammers for different applications, to decide what size would be suitable for your next job we recommend you contact Solution’s sales representatives for more information.

How does the Hammer work?

Designed on the law of Hydrostatics (or Pascal’s Law) the Hydraulic Breaker (Hammer) works based on the law that pressure on one part of an enclosed liquid produces equal pressure on all sides of the liquid.

Hammers are so powerful that they need to be mounted to an excavator or other form of earth moving equipment, they have a compartment of pressurized, non-compressible hydraulic oil, which when Force is exerted on all sides of the canister is captured and used to exert pressure.

Solution Plant Hire offer a range of Hammers to fit ANY Excavator, with our adaptable head bracket this could be the answer to efficiency on your next project. For more detail speak to one of our representatives today.

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