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Case Study: The Case of the Floating Excavator


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Because of its location and the geographic layout the Central Coast region in NSW features some very unique properties which are true waterfront and can only be accessed via boat. So what happens when these properties are in need of maintenance or require landscaping work to be carried out?

The Challenge:

Being surrounded by water and only having access via boat or barge can make it particularly difficult to try and arrange earthmoving equipment to do any sort of landscaping or maintenance work. However like all homes and land this work is still required to be carried out from time to time.

In this case study the challenge was how to get an Excavator across to the location of the client in order to build a retaining wall. It was made even more challenging as the correct size had to be chosen which was small enough for the barge, yet big enough to move the sandstone stones into place to build the retaining wall.

The Solution:

Karl Dash, Newcastle Sales Manager with help from Cam Wild Newcastle Branch Coordinator assessed the location, spoke with the barge operators, looked into the weight of the sandstone blocks and discussed what other tasks the Excavator would need to carry out, including digging into the water. With all these things in mind it was quickly decided that an 8T Excavator would be the ideal option for this project.

In order to carry out the project as efficiently as possible the Grabs attachment for the excavator was also used. This would be the best tool to pick up the blocks and put them into place.

Delivering the Solution

On the morning of delivery the Solution Plant Hire team was onsite to make sure everything ran smoothly, from the unloading of the Excavator and loading onto the barge to unloading the excavator on the other side.

Another happy customer: “Solution Plant Hire did a great job at selecting the right machine for the site and delivering on time. Their customer service was great throughout the whole hire.”

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