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Case Study Getting the pipes in a row

laying the pipes

Delivering gas to you:

For those of us with Gas hooked up into our homes we know the benefits of gas cooking and gas heating. But have you ever thought about the effort which is required to deliver gas to your street and neighbourhood? This story examines the challenges faced by our customers when laying gas pipes and how working together with Solution we were able to meet the customers’ requirements, while helping them deliver their project on time and on budget.

The Challenge:

The customer was required to lay 14km of gas pipe, traditionally the pipe would be transported around site by chaining each pipe to the lifting hook on an Excavator , and doing so often using a platform, like the back of a truck. Recently changes had been enforced to protect workers when dogging pipes on the back of trucks, they were no longer aloud to do this without every truck being equipped with handrails.

Therefore when the OH&S officer in charge spotted a new attachment on the market at a trade show, which used suction to pick up a pipe and transport it, it was decided to trial this new technology on site. This new technology would provide a safer answer to moving pipes on site, as well as remove the need for handrails on trucks and prevent the workers being exposed to open edges where they could fall.

The challenge arose for our customer when the attachment was delivered to site with no head bracket, so it was unable to fit any of the Excavator’s onsite.

The Solution:

After being told about the predicament Nick Brookbanks, a Solution Area Representative jumped into action and began discussing with our preferred engineer the option to design a head bracket which would meet the customers’ requirements.


First thing was first, in order to discuss options with our engineer Nick needed to get onto site in order to take the correct measurements to ensure the fabricated head bracket would fit the machine.

From here he was able to take the measurements and requirements to our preferred engineer, who advised he could get the job done, but it was going to take a full two weeks, due to a back log of work. The customer however needed it built and onsite within two days for when the project was scheduled to begin.

After a bit of persuasion, and some fantastic work from the engineer Solution was able to get the required head bracket created in a day and a half.

Delivering the solution:

Needless to say the customer was extremely thankful when Solution delivered the product to site ready for use ahead of schedule.

With our experienced staff and our relationships with knowledgable contractors, Solution are able to work with you to provide quick and workable solutions to help you deliver your projects on time and on budget no matter what the challenge.

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