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Case Study: An Excavator Paves the Way

4 (1)No challenge too great for a Solution Plant Hire team member or excavator

In Australia we are lucky enough to have maintained pathways built to help us walk safely from point A to B. Have you ever wondered what is involved in creating some of these walkways? Often they are in tricky locations where it isn’t easy gaining access to use Excavators and other Earthmoving Equipment which are required to complete the project.

That is when you need a supplier like Solution Plant Hire who will help you with your project, including planning what equipment will be best suited to the job and the site.

The Challenge:

After a Solution Plant Hire customer was appointed Primary Contractors for a pathway construction, they called on Solution Plant Hire’s Account Manager, Brodie Siope for some advice regarding the job, including sourcing a supplier to carry out the works and advice as to how to get an Excavator on site with the height restrictions.

The pathway construction was to happen underneath a well-established bridge, which therefore was creating the access issues in regards to height. Of course the finalised path will have enough clearance for the pedestrians who will use the path daily, but it is a different story for an Excavator.

The solution:

After a site inspection was conducted to give an idea of the exact height restriction concerns, it was quickly decided that the best equipment for the job was a 5.5T Excavator with an open cab with removable canopy, partnered with a Posi Track. Solution Plant Hire were also able to recommend a supplier to carry out the work, networking our customers to help both parties.


As mentioned above the first stage was to arrange the site inspection, then once the supplier was chosen another inspection was carried out to confirm equipment requirements. The 5.5T open cab Excavator was the obvious choice as its size meant it could easily do the work required, but was also not too big that it wouldn’t meet (with the agreed modifications) the height restrictions.

The modifications which were agreed upon included removing the canopy when work needed to be carried out underneath the bridge where height was an issue, with its design the canopy could easily be removed and reattached onsite. Of course while deciding the best course of action, the safety of the operator was always the most important goal for all involved.

The Posi Track was chosen to act as a tipper to help bring the soil into the site, as well as remove the rubbish from demolition works. It was also decided that the best attachment to break the concrete to clear the site was a hammer.

Delivering the Solution

Like most jobs timing and delivery was urgent, so Solution Plant Hire was quick to deliver the required equipment to site, and give a detailed understanding how to remove and attach the canopy safely.

Both the Primary Contractor and the supplier carrying out these particular works on the project were very happy with the outcome and have created a rapport and will hopefully work together again in the future.

Peter, the supplier, let us know that the equipment was a great machine and he was very happy with it.

We were happy to be able to support two separate customers in this instance and have our equipment assist in making a new public walkway, which hopefully will receive plenty of use.

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