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The Benefits of a Site Dumper

Does your company require a site dumper? When you need to transport gravel, dirt, sand, waste and other materials on construction and maintenance projects, there are loads of earthmoving equipment options. However, if you want your project to run safely, smoothly and efficiently, it is imperative that you choose the correct machine for the job. 

Dumper hire machines provide an excellent solution for companies in the construction material supply chain with the aforementioned goals, benefitting both you and your clients. Applicable for a plethora of uses across Australian sectors and industries, these heavy-duty vehicles are a staple of many a worksite, and for good reason. 

How and where Site Dumpers are used

Site dumpers, along with dump trucks, excavators, posi tracks, loaders and pad roller machines, are widely used on construction sites. In fact, on many construction projects, it is a vital piece of equipment that plays an essential role in development, particularly in the early stages. Dumpers are used to transport materials such as sand, dirt and gravel. Site dumper vehicles are also used to carry wet concrete, tow trailers and more. Oftentimes, companies will dry hire for projects as dumper hire, padfoot roller hire and smooth drum roller hire, etc. offer numerous advantages. 

Roadworks and infrastructure developments — as well as landscaping and grounds maintenance projects — commonly require and make use of site dumpers. This is because the dumpy transporter can be used on and off-road to safely move around a wide variety of materials. A lot of companies hire a site dumper to perform maintenance activities in cemeteries, parks, golf courses and other green areas. 

Site Dumpers vs Dump Trucks

In the realm of earthmoving equipment, there are dumpers and there are dump trucks. While dump trucks are often referred to as dumpers, a site dumper is not the same machine. It differs from a dump truck in several ways. One is that the load isn’t always carried behind the cab; the skip for loading can be in the front with a dumper hire. Another difference is that site dumpers tend to be smaller and lighter, making them better suited to smaller environments and transportation tasks that are less demanding in terms of carrying capacity. 

Dumpers and dump trucks, which are available in various configurations and sizes, are essentially two similar vehicles with similar purposes. They function differently, though, with each offering its own advantages. Depending on your project and needs, one may be more suitable than the other. Or, they can be used in tandem. 

Benefits of the Site Dumper

  • Capacity to Transport Heavy Loads

In comparison with full-size dump trucks, site dumpers are typically inferior in the amount of weight that the vehicles can carry. That said, your average modern dumper comes with a considerable payload capacity. Some Bergmann models (such as the 12T site dumper hire) are able to transport up to 12 tonnes of material, which is significant. 

  • Easy to Move and Direct 

The site dumper is a compact piece of earthmoving machinery that is manoeuvrable in transport operations. This allows for quick and easy navigation around job sites and maximises accessibility. Steering and transporting loads are especially easy in vehicles that offer 3-way tipping or dumping with 180-degree rotation. 

  • Narrow Site Adaptability 

Site dumpers are perfectly suited to work activities in tunnels, alleys and other narrow or restricted spaces, as they offer easy and safe operation for drivers in both forward and reverse motion. In dumper-hire vehicles that have swivel skips, loads can be rotated and tipped laterally, increasing ease of use and adaptability to narrow sites. 

  • Traction on Slick and Rugged Terrain

Traction is needed when transporting loads over slippery and uneven surfaces. The site dumper, when equipped with continuous tracks, is capable of moving weighty loads over slick and rough terrains. They do a great job of navigating tough conditions in general, as most dumpers come standard with durable rubber tires with deep grooves. 

  • Safety and Convenience Features

Modern site dumpers can be and often are equipped with many extras to make transporting materials safer and more convenient. These include suspension seats, seat belts, safety decals, rotating beacons, road lighting kits, reverse quacker alarms and reverse cameras. Cabins may be air-conditioned and contain a UHF radio in certain models. 

Learn More About Site Dumpers and Dumper Hire 

Want to learn more about site dumper vehicles? Our Solution Plant Hire site dumper  fleet includes leading units like Thwaites site dumpers, Wacker Neuson site dumpers and more. Check out our blogs or contact our earthmoving equipment specialists for information. If you’re interested in dumper hire, roller hire or the dry hiring of high-quality, 100% compliant earthmoving machines and accessories, please browse the selection of products on our website and get a quick, free quote on our services. Solution Plant Hire (SPH) caters to businesses in New South Wales, Queensland, Canberra and Victoria.

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