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Avoid ground disturbance on your next Dumper Hire with Floatation Tyres

Float Tyres

What are high flotation tyres?

High floatation tyres are designed for jobs where ground disturbance is a concern.

They are able to avoid damaging the ground through their size. Larger tyres distributing the weight over a larger area = less impact on the ground.

Solution are the pioneers of the Floatation Tyre, developing our range specifically for our customers needs.

How could High Floatation Tyres add value to your next project?

Is your next project on delicate ground like sand or a sporting field, yet you need to get equipment on site?

High floatation tyres offer a solution which won’t damage the ground or delicate surroundings but will still offer great traction. They are perfect for use where environmental impact is a concern, such as on a beach, where the eroding of the sand from equipment will cause damage not only to the beach but potentially to wildlife. They are also perfect for race tracks including horse tracks, sporting ovals and other jobs where ground compaction is also a concern.

Floatation tyres give peace of mind that you can get a dumper on site and complete your project without worrying about damaging the surroundings or the ground beneath you.

Solution Plant Hire offers high floatation tyres on our 6T and 9T Dumper range.

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