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All you need to know about Height and Slew Limiters

Height and Slew

Height and Slew limiters are often fitted to Excavators working in confined spaces or on worksites with potential danger to avoid damage to the machine and injury to the operator.

How does a Height and Slew Limiter work?

A height limiter allows an operator to define a pre-set limit of a piece of equipment’s, in this case an excavator’s, arm height.
A slew limiter works in the same way; allowing the operator to set a safe limit on how far the equipment can slew (when an excavator spins or turns around over the tracks.)

What is Height and Slew Limiter best used for?

Height and Slew Limiters are very important for operator safety when it comes to confined working spaces, or spaces where potential danger is around the worksite, for example when working around train tracks, or powerlines. It ensures that the operator will not accidently reach the arm too far and for example electrocute themselves, or put in the case of a railway put themselves in imminent danger.

It is also a very handy feature in confined spaces where it is a requirement to limit the slew of the Excavator, to avoid damage to the machine, and of course reduce injury if the operator were to hit a wall or other obstacle constraining the workspace.

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