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Excavator Attachment Hire the Compaction Wheel


As we have discussed the many uses for Excavators and the wide range of Attachments available across our blogs, we bring you the next installment of Excavator Attachments we specialise in, which can take your Excavator hire to that next level of productivity. In this blog article we would like to introduce you to the Compaction Wheel and how it too can add value to your work-site.

What is a Compaction Wheel and why do I need one?

An Excavator Compaction wheel is an attachment which allows the operator to transform their excavator into a vehicle to easily for example compact dirt back into trenches.

How does the Compaction Wheel work?

There are various types of Excavator compaction wheels, each designed for unique projects, however one predominant change is the width and number of wheels.

Their ideal purpose is to assist with the compacting of dirt into trenches, as mentioned above. This is possible through the compaction wheels which compact to the side of the wheel, allowing for less pass overs and faster compaction.

The wheel takes the load off the Excavator, giving the Excavator the ability to effortlessly get the job done without putting added pressure on the Excavator.

One size fits all

Concerned that our attachment may not fit your Excavator? Our Adaptable Head Bracket with its revolutionary design will ensure whatever machine type you have our attachments will suit you. Rather than changing the whole head plate its simplistic design changes the pickup capabilities making it easier to switch between machine types.

Why a Solution Plant Hire Excavator?

At Solution Plant Hire, we aim to build positive, long-term relationships with every one of our clients. Our goal is to become your go-to provider of modern, reliable and user-friendly earthmoving equipment and attachments. We also have a full support team available 24/7, who will do whatever it takes to help you get the job done.

If you’re looking for the right excavator and attachments to help enhance on-site performance, Solution Plant Hire has everything you need to boost efficiency and increase productivity onsite and off. Contact us today, or call us on 13000 77 44 73 to discuss your next excavator or attachment hire.

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