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4 ways to ensure you get the most from your Excavator hire in 2016


Excavators are incredibly versatile pieces of equipment on worksites, and if you choose the correct size and attachments for the right job, you can increase productivity and safety on the worksite. Here are four tips to assist you in getting the most from your next Excavator hire.

1. Assess the tasks at hand

Always approach any plant equipment hire with a detailed site inspection, this will allow you to have a full understanding of what you need to achieve, when it needs to be completed and what obstacles may be in the way of achieving these project outcomes.
Once you understand these fundamental things you can begin to assess exactly what plant equipment will be required and whether attachments or other accessories might be required.

This will also allow you to plan all equipment hires at the beginning of your project, giving you the ability to let your supplier plan for your equipment hire needs, so nothing is rushed and Solution Plant Hire representatives can even step in to help you plan.

2. Operator familiarity

Before using any plant equipment you need to ensure that you are aware of the various controls of the machine, and of course familiarise yourself with key safety features and operational features.

Every different make and model will having varying control panels and safety components. Having an understanding of these will make it easier for your operator to use the machine and therefore it will be quicker to achieve what needs to be done.

Having an operator who is confident and trained in Excavator use will also ensure that you get the most from your hire, so whether you are using the machine, or one of your employee’s is using the machine, ensure you are confident and well versed in using plant equipment.

Although you don’t require official training or an official certificate to use an Excavator, there are other requirements and tickets you must have to work with plant equipment on a worksite, for full details visit the workcover.nsw.gov.au website. There is also a duty of care to ensure that an operator receives adequate information, training, instruction and supervision while using the machine, this will not only help from a safety perspective but from a productivity view as well.

3. Plan to succeed

Like mentioned in point one with a proper site inspection and detailed plan, you will be more likely to meet your project outcomes. Plan, and you will be planning to succeed. You want to be certain that while you have an Excavator onsite you are able to, obviously subject to Mother Nature, complete all the tasks you required the Excavator for. This will keep you to both your timeline and your budget.

4. Safety First

Before any Excavator hire or plant hire ensure any supplier you chose to use if you don’t use Solution Plant Hire; provides all the documentation to show that your equipment is safe. As well as this it is important to complete all your daily pre-starts and safety checks.
Making sure your equipment and operators follow all safety precautions and procedures will keep your project running on schedule.

For any Excavator hire needs and other equipment hire requirements Solution Plant Hire has you covered – 1300 SP HIRE

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