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Vacuum Trucks

Features Powerful water system Large capacity spoils & water tank Configurable Left/Right hand traffic curbside controls providing greater operator safety Remote-fill water tank for easy filling, preventing siphoning back into the water supply Underbody hose storage & Integrated tool rack on door Easily accessible controls and service points Fully enclosed, insulated and lockable power pack …

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Vacuum Trailers

Features Ample power for all machine functions Fully enclosed, insulated and lockable power pack – industry leading noise reduction Cyclone separator filtration system Curbside operator station which allows one-person control of all functions. Large capacity spoils & water tank Powerful water system Autoclutching to disengage the water pump when not in use, giving full power …

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Cable Locators Hire

Features Simple to distinguish the signal from background noise. Optimal visibility day and night. Fewer components, minimizing mechanical or electrical interruption. Backlit display Locate even when signals are extremely weak or extremely strong. Rugged design