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Reversible Plate Compactor 740KG


Balanced operating characteristics including low hand-arm vibrations and the ergonomically designed guide bar allow you to work without getting tired and guarantee a high degree of user comfort.


How does the Compatrol work?
sensor is installed to the base plate of the soil compactor. During compaction this sensor measures changes in the vibrational behaviour which relates to the soil’s stiffness by means of a “frequency band analysis”. The result is indicated to the operator on a scale of LED’s in the integrated display.

Benefits of Compatrol:

  • No area remains uninspected. The system allows assessment of compaction uniformity and reveals and eliminates weak points.
  • Quality assurance is possible even in restricted areas
  • Checks machine frequency
  • Cost and labour savings, less rework and fewer compaction passes are required

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    • Diesel with Electric Start
    • Compatrol
    • Operating width 750mm
    • Centrifugal force 100kN

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