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Case Study: Last Minute Water Rush

Let us get it done for you. Often job site situations change, operators let you down, equipment might break down, the job requirements change due to unforeseen circumstances – it is in these times when your whole project is moments away from costly or even lengthy delays that you need a supplier who you can …

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Case Study: Coogee Baths Project

At Solution Plant Hire we can shift boulders. Sydney saw its fair share of wild weather throughout 2016, the storm which hit Coogee in June was no exception, during which a 30-tonne boulder made its way into the popular Coogee Baths. Over the months afterward Randwick Council explored a number of ways to remove the …

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Case Study: Newcastle Storm Clean Up

All hands on deck for Storm Clean Ups. On the 21st April 2015 the Newcastle and Hunter regions were hit by severe storms. The region was left with widespread destruction, some of which required urgent attention. Other damage caused by the storm would require a more planned approach to repair, like the damage the storm …

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