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Case Study: Whatever it takes!

More than just words on a page; the Solution Plant Hire team really do go above and beyond!

There is no challenge to get gear on your site that we won’t work around the clock to meet.

At Solution Plant Hire we don’t just say our customers are important to us and that we want to help their businesses – we actually follow through and put these words into action! So much so it is something the team here at Solution Plant Hire have incorporated into how we go about our day to day activities – it is second nature!

The Challenge:

In this particular case study our customer required the equipment, a 14T Excavator, onsite for an early start. To work in with their schedule they would require a 2.30am pick-up from the Wetherill Park office to get the gear to site on time.

The day prior to the job kicking off a 14T Excavator was due to be returned, so this Excavator was locked in for the job. No one could predict the weeks’ worth of rain which occurred the week before and week of the hire, resulting in the Excavator returning thick with mud from the previous job. Apart from requiring a thorough clean, the Excavator was also due for a service, which needed to be conducted before it could leave the warehouse at 2.30am the next morning, all after it was returned at 3pm the day before.

The Solution:

The Solution was simple, hard work to deliver our customers what they needed to get their job done. As soon as the equipment arrived the team jumped into action. The whole team was ready to help where they could.

Delivering the Solution

First thing was first, the machine had to be thoroughly cleaned before any service work could be carried out. Parked up in the wash bay three team members jumped on the gurney and sponges and began removing the mud out of the tracks and all the crevasses.

It was then time for the service to be completed, the Solution Plant Hire Plant Mechanic jumped into gear, and between them all the machine was turned around in what could be the quickest return and dispatch in Solution Plant Hire history, without of course compromising the level of quality of our gear.

The team went above and beyond to make sure we met our customer’s needs, and our customer was able to start their job on time with the quality equipment they expect when they hire from Solution Plant Hire.

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