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Celebrating the women who make SPH great!

With International Women’s Day around the corner we feel it is important to celebrate the amazing women at Solution Plant Hire who work tirelessly day in and out to make sure we are the most innovative and customer centric earthmoving hire company in the industry.

We would like to introduce these incredible women behind SPH to you:

Gail – Gail is our Office Manager and she takes care of all our accounts receivable and day to day running of the Office. Gail is one of the original staff members who started with SPH, she was the first full time office staff member and all these years later still loves coming to work here.

Gail’s favourite thing about working at SPH is; “how we all work harmoniously as a team in a relaxed environment building an exceptional brand!”

Janette – Janette is in our Accounts Payable team and is responsible for so much more than keeping our suppliers happy and paying their bills on time, Janette is also across many other accounts and office related projects, Janette’s favourite thing about Solution Plant Hire is

“Having a work environment which is flexible and family friendly where I can enjoy work because of the great team environment. I am also lucky that I am constantly challenged within my role and no two days are the same”

Christie – Christie has been with Solution Plant Hire since the very beginning, she too is within the accounts team and although part time with SPH she is across many different aspects of the business.

“My favourite part about being a part of Solution Plant Hire is watching the company grow from the ground up and being treated as part of the team even though I am part time. Andrew’s a great person to work for, very generous and supportive with his staff.”

Ashleigh – Ash is one of our Plant Mechanics. You may have seen Ash on site conducting a routine service or providing technical support, we are lucky to have Ash on the team she brings a great deal of knowledge and breaks down any stereotypes about the construction industry and women paving the way. Why does Ash love working at SPH?

My Favourite thing about working at SPH is the culture and the adaptability/support for individuals to achieve their goals.”

Rebecca W – Bec W is Andrew’s Executive Assistant, which allows her lots of variety in her role, she also helps with many other office tasks and this has helped her become a bit of an office all-rounder. She has been with SPH over two years and her favourite part about working here;

“Variety, in my position I have a huge variety of work so I never get bored doing the same task day in and day out. Culture, I believe we have an amazing culture in the office starting from the top.”

Rebecca K – Bec K looks after all the marketing at SPH, so every time you see or hear from us on social media, in a newsletter or by some other means she is behind it. If you aren’t currently on our mailing list, or follow us on social media be sure to get involved! Bec has been with Solution Plant Hire nearly four years and her favourite part of working at SPH is;

“I love working with a brand that has such a great reputation in the industry, and working with likeminded people who are equally as passionate about building and maintaining the brand”

 You may or may not get to deal with one of these great women when you get in touch with us, but if you do be sure to mention you read this article, they are all proud to be doing their part for Solution Plant Hire.

As we continue to grow and expand there will no doubt be more great women who enter the team and we look forward to encouraging diversity in the construction industry and celebrating the women who are challenging the industry stereotypes seen in the past.

(Photo left to right: Bec K, Christie, Janette, Gail, Bec W, Ash)

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