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Posi Track Hire In A Hurry

posi-in-a-hurry-1All businesses rely on quality suppliers who understand and work with them to achieve fundamental business goals – which may include to retain and grow their customer portfolio, in turn growing the business. At Solution Plant Hire we go above and beyond to ensure we assist our customers in every way possible to ensure they keep their customers happy. We believe in creating long lasting relationships – if you keep your customers happy, and in turn grow your business, we can grow with you..

The Challenge:

At Solution Plant Hire a large portion of our requests for posi track hire and other equipment hire are received with only 48 hours or less to organise everything before they are required on site. This means that our team kicks into gear to get that equipment delivered on time, in perfect working order, safe and with all the paperwork. In this instance the call was received with only 36 hours until equipment needed to be on site to begin the job, giving the team a tight deadline to get equipment allocated and prepared for delivery. The customer urgently needed the two Posi Tracks delivered for last minute weekend work.


Brodie Siope, one of our Account Managers, was quick to act and began working with our Plant Allocator to coordinate where the equipment was currently onsite. As the Posi Tracks were already on hire to other customers, they began to look at options such as how to re-allocate them where possible for the weekend, without disturbing any other customers.

After liaising with the customers who currently had the Posi Tracks on hire, Brodie was able to negotiate picking up the machines Friday afternoon after work ceased on site for relocation for the weekend, with a prompt return before work commenced Monday morning. The two customers were more than happy for the machines to be picked up on the Friday and relocated for the weekend, as they were not using them.

It was then a case of getting our mechanic on site to perform the quick checks which are normally performed in the workshop prior to new hires, just to double check the safety and operation of the equipment to avoid operator downtime.

Delivering the Solution

Both Posi Tracks were delivered on time for the customers urgent weekend work, and the customer was thrilled that Solution Plant Hire had been able to deliver the equipment in such a tight timeframe.

Our customer’s client, who was a new account for them, was also thrilled with the quality of work, timeframe in which our customer could deliver the project and reliability of the equipment used to get the job done.

Solution Plant Hire was once again able to arrange equipment quickly for our customer, and this is an example of a true win-win for both our customer and Solution Plant Hire.

“Just a quick email to say thanks for the help Brodie gave us on the weekend. We had an urgent job for a new client. I rang Brodie on Wednesday he orgainsed two Posi Tracks to be delivered Friday. We completed the job on the weekend and client rang me and was very happy with the work we had done and the way the Posi Tracks went. As I said this is a new client and it looks very promising for work in the future in which we will be hiring machines from Solution Plant Hire. This wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the work Brodie and Solution Plant Hire did to get the Posi Tracks to us in such a short time frame. Thanks again.??? – Peter

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