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Keeping the fleet fresh

At Solution Plant Hire we know that having the latest equipment on site can increase site productivity of staff and the equipment itself. There is nothing better than operating a new machine with the latest technology!

This is why we are continually updating our fleet to ensure the equipment is both modern and reliable. On average all our equipment is sold around the 2,000 hour mark.

Continually renewing our fleet is a value add to our customers so they can rest easy knowing that when a Solution Plant Hire machine gets to site it won’t be old and worn.

As well as updating the fleet regularly we ensure all our equipment is serviced on time and to the highest standard, once again we believe being proactive with our equipment maintenance will help preserve our equipment as well as assist our customers in the long run. Any downtime on your site due to unreliable machinery we take very seriously as we pride ourselves on supporting our customers business.

As a side note – If you are in the market to purchase equipment – why not consider a Solution Plant Hire machine? As mentioned we sell all our equipment around the 2,000 hour mark – often less, and all our equipment is maintained to a high standard with regular servicing and routine maintenance. Depending on the exact piece of equipment many of our machines are sold with remaining warranty as they are only often 2-3 years old.

If you are interested in purchasing an X-Solution Plant hire Excavator, Posi Track, Dumper or any of our other equipment lines just shoot us an email to sales@solutionplanthire.com.au or phone us on 1300 SP HIRE (02 4013 6589.)

However if you do prefer to hire your Excavators, Dumpers, Rollers, Posi’s and the latest technology and reliable machinery is important to you then get in contact with us the same way as above!

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