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Maximising Productivity with the Crusher Bucket Excavator Attachment

Site dumpers are a valuable and extremely versatile piece of equipment that can transform a construction site. Used to carry large volumes of materials, site dumpers need to be reliable and built for tough conditions. They should also have a range of features to enhance the operator experience, and of course, safety is paramount. Let’s take a look into what a site dumper is, how it’s used and the benefits of choosing high-quality machinery.

What is a site dumper?

A site dumper is a valuable piece of machinery used primarily in the construction industry. In simple terms, a site dumper is like a skip bin on wheels. However, it has the capacity to lift materials and then dump them at another point. Mostly, site dumpers are used to transport materials around construction sites but they can also be used for backfilling.

The way you handle materials on a construction site can have a major impact on your bottom line. When you consider the costs associated with material removal and disposal alone, if there’s a better way to do it, most project managers should want to explore it. One versatile tool that has significant benefits is the crusher bucket attachment for excavators. In this article, you’ll learn about the benefits of using a crusher bucket, and why you should consider crusher bucket hire for your next project.

What is a crusher bucket attachment?

A crusher bucket attachment is primarily used to crush materials on construction sites. When fitted to the excavator, a crusher bucket can crush a range of materials, including concrete, bricks, asphalt, stones and more. It uses a powerful jaw-like crushing mechanism incorporated directly into the bucket, allowing for efficient removal of crushed materials.

Being a specialist product that might not be required on every project, crusher bucket hire is common in most industries. They can be used in a range of operations, such as roadworks and civil construction, mining, demolition jobs, excavation, construction and more.

Most crusher buckets can fit on excavators ranging from 13 to 85 tonnes, giving you great flexibility in application. The ALLU range is the preferred model in the Solution Plant Hire fleet range, we’ve got new stock ready to go to site

The benefits of crusher bucket hire

We mentioned previously that it’s common for companies to hire crusher bucket attachments because they’re not practical for every single job. Hiring such specialised equipment on a needs basis is usually far more cost-effective. But let’s explore all the benefits of crusher bucket hire for your next project.

Versatile for many applications

Experienced project managers know the value of using versatile equipment. If something serves multiple purposes, it saves you money in the overall budget. It’s one of the things that makes crusher bucket hire so appealing, especially for companies operating multiple projects simultaneously. Crusher buckets are used in mining, construction, civil works, demolitions and more. Plus, the fact that they can crush such a wide range of materials with their powerful jaw mechanism makes them an extremely versatile tool in materials management. Why hire one tool for crushing and one tool for transporting when you can do it all with one attachment?

Reduced project costs

If you’re wondering why you would even want to crush larger materials on-site rather than just removing them, it comes partly down to dollars and cents. There is a significant time investment in transporting heavy materials to external facilities. There’s also a financial cost, especially when you consider the fuel and other transportation costs on top of disposal fees.

By using a crusher bucket to crush large materials on site, you can reduce these expenses significantly. Many crushed materials can be reused on-site, meaning there’s less to dispose of and transporting crushed material is far more economical than large items.

Supporting sustainability efforts

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in – sustainability is always a big focus. Whether you’re actively trying to reduce your carbon footprint to limit offset costs, or you’re trying to meet specific sustainability goals, environmentally-friendly practices are becoming the norm. Quite simply, using a crusher bucket on-site gives you the option to reuse those materials. Less waste is always a good thing for the environment, but it’s not bad for your project budget either. The more materials you can reuse, the fewer you have to pay for. Plus, you reduce the carbon emissions associated with transporting materials off-site, making crusher buckets a great sustainability investment.  

Improved site efficiency

Picture this at a construction site. You’ve got demolition work being undertaken, with various machines working to remove the debris and old materials from the site. At the same time, you’ve got a truck parked outside waiting to deliver raw materials for site filling and compaction.

Now, imagine instead that you had an excavator with a crusher bucket processing the demolished materials on-site and moving them to the required area. Immediately you’ve removed the need for transport. You also don’t have to wait for deliveries of new materials (or pay for them) because you’ve got them right there on-site. In terms of operating efficiency, this is an enormous win. At the end of the day, anything that streamlines your operations or saves you time improves the project’s bottom line. Often, it’s simply about using resources more wisely, and crusher bucket hire is one way to achieve it.

Need help with crusher bucket hire?

Solution Plant Hire offers ALLU crusher bucket hire for a range of different applications and to suit several excavators. As your trusted name in plant and equipment hire, we promise a level of service you won’t find anywhere else, and our range is unmatched. From machinery to attachments and accessories, we’ve got everything you need to increase productivity on your next project. Plus, we’ve always got you covered with flexible hiring terms and a fully qualified maintenance team. Contact Solution Plant Hire today to find out more. 

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