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Excavator Attachments The Rock Saw

Rock Saw

A Rock Saw is a powerful attachment which features different types of blades for different jobs, Solution Plant Hire Rock Saws all feature diamond blades.

A Rock saw will help you maximise your Excavator Hire to get the job done safer and quicker.

What is the Rock Saw best used for?

Depending on the size and type of saw it can be used for cutting concrete, demolition, construction, road cutting, trenching, quarrying and as the name suggests cutting rock and stone formations.

There are different sizes of Rock Saws for different applications, to decide what size would be suitable for your next job we recommend you contact a Solution Plant Hire sales representative for more information.

How does the Rock Saw work?

The Rock Saw can be a dangerous piece of equipment if not used properly, so always read and take note of the operator’s manual before undergoing work with the attachment.

The blade works through high powered rotation which offers accurate cutting for excavation purposes. Rock Saws these days are built with low noise levels in mind as well as reduced vibration, so if you are working in close proximity to homes and other areas which may be sensitive to these things you can carry out works without disruption.

Water is available to the Rock Saw through a hose adaptable fitting, the water helps when cutting the surface and keeps the blade cool, if the blade overheats it can damage both the blade and surface. Solution Plant Hire also offers our Rock Saws with an offset setting, giving the operator the option to set the blade to the side rather than straight on, which in turn gives them a better view of what they are cutting.

Solution Plant Hire offer a range of Rock Saws to fit ANY Excavator make, with our adaptable head bracket. For more detail speak to one of our representatives today.

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