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Determine the right excavator hire for your next job

The trusty excavator of bob cats are best friends with those in the construction busiess. They’re at the heart of almost any construction or mining job.

How do you determine which is the best dry hire excavator for your next job. Let’s review the two pivotal and determining factors.


Perhaps the most important consideration is the condition of the operational field where the excavator is to be used. Excavators have diferent power, moving and lifting capacities and buckets. These buckets can differ in size and make. Additionally you may find that you will need a particular excavator attachment to get the job done correctly. Some machines have better digging capacities than others. In addition you may need a machine that is more versitile, and has good swivel/motion features – to help your machine operator reach those tricky spots. A mini-excavator might be your best friend, where the job is small and more delicate.


The cost to excavate per unit volume of the material in the work depends on some other factors like job size or the size of the field to be excavated and how much of drilling is required. Another cost to bear in mind is the transportation cost of these machines to the operational field. Additionally the use of larger excavator machine tends to allow for savings in drilling cost as compared to smaller excavators as they handle the bigger rocks and other huge materials easily. However, the cost per unit of excavation is usually less for larger excavators compared to small excavators.

So it all will depend on the type of work you need to get done. So, you will have to be very cautious while selecting the excavator for the work or job as choosing the right excavator from the outset can really make all the difference.

Speaking to someone who is an expert in excavators for hire in both the construction and mining sectors is a step in the right direction. Get in touch with our qualified team at Solution Plant Hire today – and don’t forget to check out our fleet of excavators for dry hire in Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast.

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