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Daily Pre-Start and End-of-Day Checklist For Your Track Loader

Wondering what should be on your track loader pre-start checklist or end-of-day checklist? Check out our track loader guide to see what should be done when.

Your pre-start checklist

You must have a walk-around inspection every day before you begin using your track loader. 

Oil level

Check your level using the dipstick. If needed, top it up. Next, look at your fuel water separator bowl. If there is water in it, drain it.

Check for debris

Check your grill for debris. Raise or remove the cover and run your hand around for a basic check.


Check your coolant level and add some if you need to.

Air filter

Check your air filter for debris before you start work. If you spot dirt, clean it out.


Check your track loader’s undercarriage and wheels for damage and debris. Then, run your hand along the area and remove any mud, but keep safe. You could use a yard brush.

Track loader end-of-day checklist – or every 8 to 10 hours

Some parts of your track loader will need to be checked more frequently than others. For example, your engine cooling system or air filter is essential, so you must check them at the end of every working day.

The fuel filter

Remove any trapped water from your fuel filter every 8 to 10 hours.

The engine cooling system

When your machine is cold, check its coolant level and add premixed coolant as needed—clear debris from the oil cooler, fuel cooler, radiator, rear grill, and air condenser.

The hydraulic fluid

Take a look at your hydraulic fluid level every 8 to 10 hours. Top up the fluid as you need to.

The engine air filter

Keep an eye on your display panel for the flashing service indicator. Replace your air filter when the service code is present. 

Engine oil

Check your engine oil level every 8 to 10 hours. Replace as needed, being careful not to overfill!

Lubrication – Lift links, lift arms, cylinders, Bob-Tach system, pivot pins, etc.

Every 8 to 10 hours, lubricate these moving parts of your track loader with a multipurpose lithium-based grease.

(If applicable) new track loader guide – the tracks

If your track loader has them, keep an eye out for damage, wear, and correct tension in your tracks. Check this every 8 to 10 hours. If your track loader is new, you only need to check your tracks for the first 24 hours.

Want us to look over your new track loader? Need more information? Contact us to book your track loader in for a service or essential maintenance today!

Track loader guide at 50 hours – or as you clock off

Now that your track loader has reached 50 hours of use, you can bet it’s sustained some wear and tear. Your track loader will now have seen its fair share of activity and will need more looking after. If you won’t be using your track loader for this long, you could do some of this maintenance at the end of the day.

Repairs and adjustments – Foot pedals, steering levers or joysticks, hand controls, parking brake, etc

Make sure these parts of your track loader are operating correctly. If you find they aren’t, be sure to adjust them or have them repaired as necessary.


Check your tracks’ tension and adjust as needed

Tubelines and hydraulic hoses

Check for leaks or damage to tubelines and hydraulic hoses.

New track loader checklist – Engine oil and filter

If your track loader is new, you must replace its engine oil and filter after the first 50 hours of activity.

Track loader guide for 100 hours

Battery maintenance

Look at your battery cables and connections, and clean and tighten them as you need. If you don’t use your track loader that frequently, why not consider installing a battery maintainer?

Track loader guide for 250 hours

Engine / hydrostatic drive belt

Adjust your idler arm’s stop and check the drive belt for damage and wear.

Engine oil and filter

Replace your engine oil and filter either every 12 months or 250 hours under typical operating conditions – or every 100 hours if you use your track loader in severe conditions.

Track loader guide for 500 hours

Fuel filter

Replace your filter element every 12 months or every 500 hours. 

1000 hours track loader checklist

Hydraulic reservoir

Make sure to change your track loader’s fluid every 1000 hours completely.

Hydraulic/hydrostatic filter

Change your track loader’s hydraulic/hydrostatic filter every 1000 hours.

Engine valves

Adjust your track loader’s engine valves every 1000 hours.

Track loader guide at 2 years

There’s very little that you have to do for your track loader every 2 years. This leaves you with plenty of time to do the more frequent checks!


All that’s left to do is make sure you replace your track loader’s coolant every 2 years.

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