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Case Study: Earthmoving Equipment Goes bush

Earthmoving Equipment solutions regardless of the worksite

Not all worksites are easily accessible, this is when you need specialist earthmoving equipment and more importantly a supplier that is willing to work with you to get the job done. Every team member at Solution Plant Hire cares about their customer’s projects and aims to build long term relationships with them, so when they do have unique challenges on a worksite, our team are there to work with them to come up with a solution.

The Challenge:

In this instance Karl Dash – our Newcastle based Sales Representative – was called in to assist with a unique job site which offered an access challenge for the customer.

The project was located deep within the bush doing remediation work, and as the only access was a narrow and rough bush track, it became obvious that the original equipment they had wanted to use would be unable to access the area. It was so remote that as a part of the job, a bridge had to be built by our customer prior to commencing their work. This also meant that there were certain weight restrictions associated with access to the job site as well.


Karl was quick to begin discussions with the customer as to what exactly needed to be done on site, and what restrictions would pose challenges when choosing the right equipment. After getting a full snap shot of the site and work to be completed Karl was happy to recommend using both a dumper and an excavator to get the job done.

The customer quickly locked in a combination of 5.5T Excavators and 6T Dumpers, which had the ability to easily maneuver their way into site, as well as carry the soil unloaded from the truck back into the site. Two dumpers were to be used for this process in order to improve productivity.

Delivering the Solution

Once a plan had been agreed upon Solution Plant Hire was able to spring into action to provide the equipment required. From the beginning of the project is was evident that the customer and Solution Plant Hire had formulated a plan for success.

If you have a challenging project be sure to contact Solution Plant Hire to assist with your earthmoving equipment hire needs.

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