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Case Study: Compaction hire for trenching

IMG_0204Delivering Utilities To You

Most Aussies use their utilities; gas, power, water and telecommunications without thinking about the work which goes into delivering these services to their home. Often the companies undergoing this work have to work on jobsites in already developed communities and industrial areas. This can make ease of access tricky, as well as finding the right equipment to dig the trenches which is the perfect width and then equipment which can also then backfill and compact in these tight spaces.

This is when you need a supplier like Solution Plant Hire who have a range of equipment and attachments in a range of sizes, including excavator and compaction hire.

The Challenge:

Our customer was on the final stages of a job in an already developed area in western Sydney when faced with a challenge in regards to the compaction of their trenches. With a 450mm wide trench, they were unable to receive the compaction they desired from the compaction wheel attachment they had on their 14T Excavator, which they had hired earlier, so they approached Solution Plant Hire looking for the perfect solution.

The Solution:

First Solution Plant Hire Sales Representative, Nick Brookbanks made sure he had an understanding of the challenge at hand so that he could address the problem correctly. Then he was able to begin thinking about what equipment would be best in this situation. The trench roller which offers a great compaction solution was too wide to fit within this space and no attachment for the Excavator would offer what they were looking for.

Solution Plant Hire has recently started offering this smaller compaction equipment to our fleet, which in this case was the perfect solution. Nick was quick to offer the 85kg plate compactor, which was 450mm wide also.

Delivering the Solution

After figuring out urgently the best solution to the challenge, Nick was able to lock in the compaction plate and arrange delivery. The customer was able to continue their project, without significant delays and with expert advice.

The customer was happy with the solution and left us with some feedback: “The Plate Compactor worked perfectly, thank you for your help.???


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