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No one wants a breakdown, but what do I do if it happens?

The most dreaded term in all the industry; breakdown. But let’s have a real conversation about what to do if equipment breaks down on your site.

What happens in the unlikely event of a breakdown?

At Solution Plant Hire we take breakdowns seriously. Our equipment is serviced and checked regularly to try and avoid the likelihood of a breakdown. We understand that a breakdown on your site is downtime away from getting your project completed. Unfortunately however regardless of continual maintenance on the odd occasion breakdowns do happen!

To provide a quick response time to break downs we employ our own team of technicians ready to get to your site 24/7 and resolve whatever issue may have occurred. Should the occasion rise where we are unable to send our own technicians, we have agreements with reliable contractors who will reach your site and get you up and running as a matter of urgency!

Enough about how we will jump into action solve the problem… in the event of a breakdown what do you do?

My hire equipment is broken down, who do I call?

Your first point of call should always be your sales representative, if you are unsure who this is contact our office on 1300 SP HIRE (1300 77 44 73) and we will be quick to put you in touch with the right person and get the issue resolved.

Once your sales representative is aware of the issue we will aim to get back to you as soon as possible with a time frame for the repair. If unfortunately the breakdown is due to a major equipment failure we can begin arranging a replacement machine for you.

We hate breakdowns too!

Obviously breakdowns are frustrating and everyone wants to avoid them. We do everything we can to prevent them happening in the first place, but in the rare occurrence that they do occur we will do everything we can to get you back to working again!

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