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Excavator Attachments: The Pulveriser

The Pulveriser is an Excavator attachment which can fit anywhere from a 14T machine to an 80T machine. The predominant use for this versatile attachment is in recycling of concrete and demolition waste.

Solution Plant Hire have a range of hydraulic concrete pulverisers available, however the brand we mostly deal with is Arden.

Arden pulverisers are the ideal tools to put to work on demolition waste recycling, concrete crushing or the job of separating rebars. With the ability to recycle rebars directly on site, you can rest assured you will see significant time saving and increase in efficiency for demolition and recycling projects.

Designed with efficiency in mind the cruciform teeth are especially effective for piercing concrete, which is usually the most complicated step in crushing concrete, making this operation easier.

With its versatility you will also avoid having multiple tools on site, being that the pulveriser also crushes you can avoid having to hire or purchase a crusher bucket in most cases. This not only assists with the planning of projects but also removes the financial investment of having several excavator attachments on hand for each job.

The Arden hydraulic concrete pulverisers feature many wear parts, including the reversible blade bar cutter at the back of the jaw, manufactured using 550 and 600HB high abrasion resistance steel. This quality steel has been strategically used with minimal down time in mind. With the incredible force that a pulveriser is placed under it is vital that everything is built to withstand pressure and avoid any breakdowns, thus avoiding any hold ups on your projects.

If you think that the pulveriser could add value to your next project one of our team of sales representatives would be more than happy to help you out with pricing and availability, just get in touch via the contact us form or call us on 1300 774 473. (1300 SP HIRE)


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