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5 Top Careers for Construction in 2020

It’s an exciting time as we gear up for a new decade, but if there’s one thing that’s certain about Australia looking ahead, it’s that the way in which we live and work is going to be increasingly complex. Especially when it comes to the careers that are in demand.

With a good plan in place, this is nothing that we can’t adapt to—but it is important to have a good plan in place. Especially for those Aussies looking to just start out in construction, or seeking to retrain and branch out. So in order to ensure you navigate the challenges and seize upon the opportunities 2020 will bring, let’s look at the 5 top careers for construction in 2020. 

1.  Site Foreperson

Recent years have seen Australia go through a massive construction boom. Although there has been some slowdown in this area more recently, a lot of projects that were first approved earlier this year or even before are now finally rolling out. The scale and complexity of these projects means there’s a shortage of site forepersons in many markets across Australia. This can be a tremendous role to work towards if you’ve already got some solid experience in construction under your belt and are looking to take the next step in 2020.

2.  Site Supervisors

Similar to the need for site forepersons, many markets across the nation are currently in need of site managers and supervisors—especially those who have experience working with projects worth over $150 million. For anyone with these skills who are dealing with low demand in their current market, a look at other large cities nearby should turn up projects within this budget and the need for personnel to fill these roles.

When it comes to a job with real flexibility, the role of a project manager is among the best. 

3. Project Managers

This is due to the capacity to work across a variety of different job sites. After a time, many project managers may come to prefer working in one particular area (or a few) over others, but for anyone starting or retraining for a construction career in 2020, pursuing one as a project manager is sure to be time well spent. 

4. Civil Estimators

As mentioned above, the construction industry around Australia is becoming more and more complex. This is clear when it comes to dealing with the balance sheet. That’s why there’s been a growth in demand for civil estimators in a number of markets, and for anyone interested in construction who has a knack for mathematics, this role is a great one to look into.

5. Contract Administrators

For someone who feels their skills are stronger with reading and writing than with math, the role of contract administrator may be for you. The day-by-day work involves developing, interpreting, and reviewing contracts for projects. It can also involve negotiating and lots of face-to-face time with others in the industry, which can be great for networking and building your career. There’s been a big demand reported across a number of markets in the nation for construction professionals with this skill set, so now is a terrific time to get going on this career path.

Location, Location, Location 

Because Australia has been growing fast, we’re seeing some of the most complex projects in generations—like the Melbourne Metro Tunnel which will see $11 billion of work done in total—and that means there’s a real shortage of construction crews. This is fantastic news for someone looking to start in the field, or retrain for a new job in it. This said, it’s important to keep in mind that demand for certain roles is strongest in certain places. 

For example, there is need for more contract administrators in Victoria to assist with the new road and rail works. So if you’re open to relocating to start a new role, that’s great. But if you’re keen to stay around where you live now, it’s good to do a little research on the local job market. This way, you can see what roles in your area are most in demand at present, just in case your local community differs from elsewhere around the nation for certain roles.

Remember Personal Interest Can Take You Far

Keeping an eye on the top trends for job growth is always smart. If you find there’s a construction job you’ve an interest in that’s also seeing a growth in demand, then that’s sure to be a winning combination. It’s also good to remember that passion for a profession can go a long way. 

So while any career change should be thought through and planned for carefully, if you’ve a real passion for a role that’s right now not on the list? Keep in mind there are other roles out there where demand is expected to grow in the future, and overall construction is going to remain a great field to work in 2020 and throughout the whole decade ahead.

What other construction careers do you think will be at the top in 2020?

Image: Pixabay

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