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5 Jobs You Can Tackle With a 5T-8T Excavator

Having the right tool for the job is always important. Of course, it may be possible to substitute an alternative depending on the situation — and working in construction can often demand that you think on your feet and find a flexible solution to a stubborn problem. However, the starting point for any task is understanding what tool(s) you can use to get the job done. When it comes to heavy machinery, this understanding can be critical to completing jobs on time and on budget.

The range of 5t excavators to 8t excavators is fantastic in this regard. There is versatility among these categories that enables you to choose an excavator tailored to your task’s unique needs. But there are also some important factors to keep in mind to ensure that you get the best machine. So let’s take a look at 5 jobs you can tackle with a 5T-8T excavator.

1. Earthmoving on a Residential Property

What larger excavators offer in terms of additional power and scope, they lack when it comes to an ability to operate in tight spaces. Compared to the huge span of a construction site for a commercial building or similar project, operating in a residential environment will essentially always be a tight fit. When earthmoving on a residential property, smaller excavators like those found in the 5T to 8T range can operate more freely given their small size, while still delivering a great outcome.

2. Digging With Others on Site

Having to watch out for others is a constant effort when operating heavy machinery. You’ll be looking to get your job finished, but other workers — even when looking to follow best practice and safety measures — may still present delays for a machine operator if they cross paths, or need to get other equipment and materials through.

Because 5T to 8T excavators have smaller profiles, and a smaller radius in which they operate, they generally cause less disruption. This can be especially handy if you’ve got multiple jobs to get done to a tight timeline on site. Instead of using one big excavator that might do a particular job quicker — while slowing everyone else down — using multiple smaller excavators can ensure that you keep operating without disruption, meaning that all jobs get done sooner.

3. Digging in a Trench in a Tight Space

Oftentimes, trench digging can pose particular challenges for a construction crew. Trenches are usually covered (as opposed to being left exposed) and require precision direction to be followed in its creation. An excavator operator is expected to do this while also avoiding other structures and goods on the property. Digging a trench with a huge excavator can be a real pain in a tight space, but a smaller excavator can make the job a breeze thanks to its smaller profile and tighter handling.

4. Jobs With Lots of Idle Time

The reality is that a construction site can present a lot of ‘hurry up and wait’ moments. This waiting can chew up a lot of fuel over time. Sure, the odd delay here or there may not impact much, but on a busy site, such delays can happen multiple times a day. Over the life of a construction project, that can dish up a huge difference in the overall cost of fuel for operating an excavator. Because a 5T to 8T excavator can offer reduced fuel consumption compared to their bigger counterparts, this means that any time sitting idle can end up being far less costly in the long run.

5. Jobs with Ongoing Transport Needs

It’s no secret that moving heavy machinery can be hard yakka. Unquestionably, experience and understanding of how to do it can make the task a lot easier than it would otherwise be. However, in general, moving tonnage requires some serious time and effort. That’s why a 5T to 8T excavator can have a real advantage over the bigger models out there.

On a regular job site, you might often drive the excavator from one point where it’s needed to the next. But if you’re on a project working across multiple sites with a lot of distance involved (such as a working farm or mine), it’ll be much quicker to get the machine from A to B with the use of a vehicle. It’s here that the lighter weight and smaller profile of a 5T to 8T excavator can make life so much easier.

Digging Up the Issue

Excavators are an essential machine for countless construction projects. But not all excavators will offer the same features. It’s here that the 5T to 8T category is really terrific for those looking at a machine that can get a great job done, without the extra considerations that can come with hiring a bigger excavator. Best of all, the more an operator makes use of a smaller excavator on a job site, the more they may find there’s plenty of other nifty uses for them — proof that good things really do come in small packages.

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