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Case Study: 30T delivered in a hurry

Getting it done, when your regular supplier can’t.

With construction still booming throughout Sydney, Canberra and Newcastle sometimes finding the right equipment for the job can be challenging. In this case the customer asked their usual equipment supplier to source a 30T Excavator for the job, but their supplier turned around and was unable to provide the gear.

The Challenge:

The customer needed his 30T Excavator on site as soon as possible so the pressure was on Solution Plant Hire to get this 30T Excavator to site by time the customer needed it and with the right specs, and the buckets he had requested.

The Solution:

As soon as he received the online enquiry, late on a Friday, Rob, one of our Sydney Account Managers jumped into action and started the task of sourcing the equipment and the right buckets to get the job done. Rob was aware of the urgency so was in continual communication with the customer making sure the customer was across what equipment he would be receiving and when it would arrive.

Delivering the Solution

Solution Plant Hire not only supplied the equipment, it was delivered on time to meet the customers’ needs and with the correct buckets to meet the job requirements. Once again our ability to urgently respond to our customers’ needs was able to save the day for this customer, when his normal supplier was unable too.

“As someone with over 55 staff, I am aware of the value of feedback, both positive, and negative.
It is with pleasure (yes I have a family, and enjoyable things to be doing at 7pm on a Friday night) that I congratulate Robert as a representative of your company, for providing efficient, and effective customer service today. I was not just satisfied, by impressed with his professionalism, in assisting us to get what we wanted, and when we wanted it. He is truly an asset to your organisation.”

For more details on our equipment, what we offer and how we go above and beyond for our customers you can get in contact with one of our team members, they can find solutions to your unique job requirements contact us on 1300 SP HIRE (1300 77 44 73) or through our website.

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