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What the Construction Boom Means to Australians and Home Ownership

With silhouettes of cranes and new apartment buildings on the horizons of most major cities, it appears Australia is enjoying one incredible boom in construction. It really got started back in 2014, as the mining industry, which had sustained Australia’s economy through the global economic crisis, started to wane. Back then, CommSec chief economist, Craig …

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Keeping the fleet fresh

At Solution Plant Hire we know that having the latest equipment on site can increase site productivity of staff and the equipment itself. There is nothing better than operating a new machine with the latest technology! This is why we are continually updating our fleet to ensure the equipment is both modern and reliable. On …

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Case Study: Last Minute Water Rush

Let us get it done for you. Often job site situations change, operators let you down, equipment might break down, the job requirements change due to unforeseen circumstances – it is in these times when your whole project is moments away from costly or even lengthy delays that you need a supplier who you can …

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